Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering


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Introduction to Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering (常州工程职业技术学院, website) was established in 1958. It is located in Changzhou Science and Education Park, covering an area of 1119.86 acres and a building area of 360,500 square meters. The school has 7 secondary colleges and 41 specialties, and trains high-quality technical and technical personnel for green chemical industry, new medicine, new materials, inspection and certification, high-end equipment manufacturing, construction industrialization, and underground engineering. Established 2 national key construction majors, 6 backbone majors for higher vocational education innovation development action plans, 1 Ministry of Education modern apprenticeship pilot major, 4 provincial key construction major groups, and provincial “Double High Plan” provincial recommendations 2 professional groups, 2 provincial brand majors, 5 provincial high-level backbone majors, 4 provincial specialty majors, 3 national quality courses, 3 resource sharing courses, and led the construction of 2 national teaching resource banks , The central finance supports 1 vocational training base, 2 higher vocational education innovation development action plan, 2 productive training bases, 3 provincial and ministerial production-education integration training platforms, 2 provincial and ministerial collaborative innovation centers, and provincial level Five innovation service platforms have successively been approved by the Provincial University Students Innovation Education Experimental Base, Provincial University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base, and Provincial Popular Entrepreneurship Innovation Demonstration Base.

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering currently has 669 faculty members, including 472 full-time teachers, 213 associate seniors and above, 75 doctors (including in reading), and 403 “double-teacher” teachers, with a ratio of 85.4%. Has a national teacher teaching innovation team, a provincial teaching teacher, the province’s outstanding contributions of young and middle-aged experts, the province “333” and “blue project” and other talents of 58 people, 5 provincial excellent teaching team, provincial 2 scientific and technological innovation teams. The school has more than 11,000 full-time students, and more than 5,000 adult education and self-study students. There are permanent national vocational skill appraisal institutes, vocational skill appraisal stations unique to the building materials industry, vocational skill appraisal stations unique to the chemical industry, and multiple test centers. It can carry out more than 40 appraisal jobs and annual social training of more than 20,000 people. More than 6,000 people.

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering adheres to the status of talent training center and continuously improves the quality of talent training. Comprehensively deepen curriculum reforms, optimize teaching standards in depth, systematically reform personnel training programs, build a “quality foundation, competence core, and work-study” talent training model, selected as the first batch of 1 + X certificate system pilot colleges (Building Information Model (BIM) ), Special welding technology, sensor network application development, industrial robot operation and operation and maintenance, industrial robot application programming, online store operation promotion). Serving students in all-round development and personality development, implementing “Bahaban”, “Drone Class”, “Robot Class” and other outstanding technical and technical personnel training reform pilots, exploring cross-border training of “double high and high three” (noble character, high skill, complex Type, innovative, international) technical and technical personnel. Since 2007, the school has won three first prizes and two second prizes, two provincial prizes, two first prizes and six second prizes. Students have won more than 90 first prizes at provincial level competitions, including 7 consecutive championships in chemical production technology in the National Vocational College Skills Competition. It has long-term employment cooperation with Fortune 500 companies such as BASF, Yikang, Poly, China Railway, Procter & Gamble, and Mitsubishi. There are more than 500 stable high-quality employment bases. In the past five years, many indicators such as the completion rate of the admissions plan, the freshman registration rate, and the score of the corresponding single admissions rank among the top in the province. Graduate employment rate, average monthly income six months after graduation, employment status satisfaction and other indicators are among the top universities in the province. More than 80% of graduates have achieved high-quality employment in the province. Among them, more than 10 majors such as applied chemical technology, fine chemical technology, construction engineering technology, sports service and management have a starting salary of more than 5,000 yuan.

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering insists on school-enterprise collaboration in educating people and promotes the integration of production and education. Established Changzhou Inspection and Certification Institute with Jiangsu Quality Research Center, Changzhou Inspection and Certification Industrial Park, China Inspection and Testing Association; jointly established the National Open University Petroleum and Chemical Industry College with the China Chemical Education Association, and established the National Open University Learning Outcome Certification Center (Petroleum and Chemical Engineering), mutual recognition and recognition of academic education and lifelong education. Initiated the establishment of the National Inspection and Certification Vocational Education Group and the National Modern Welding Vocational Education Group. In cooperation with the China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, Harbin Welding Research Institute of the General Research Institute of Machinery Science, Shanghai Urban Construction Municipal Engineering (Group), Jingdong Group, Dongfeng Nissan and other large institutes and leading enterprises, a number of production-education integration platforms have been established, including Dongfeng Nissan Automotive College, Tianhua UAV College and other 6 corporate colleges, modern building technology hall, photovoltaic power generation training platform and 10 training platforms (2 approved provincial platforms) have attracted enterprises to invest nearly 60 million in total yuan. It has implemented more than 20 modern apprenticeship projects and more than 30 order classes with industry leaders such as SGS-CSTC Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd., BAIC New Energy, China Baixing Group, and Jiangsu Shunfeng Optoelectronics.

Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering adheres to the road of open schools and steadily promotes the process of internationalization. Establish international exchange platforms such as the Sino-German Vocational Education and Technology Innovation Service Center and the “Belt and Road” Strategic Research Institute. Established Sino-foreign cooperative education platforms such as Myanmar Mandalay Campus, Sino-German Design and Digital Media College, Cambodia Yalong Silk Road College, Sino-German International Welding Technology Training and Examination Center The order education project implemented in cooperation with China-Burma Nickel (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. was selected into the “Study in Jiangsu” Outstanding Talent Selection Program (TSP). There are 160 international students in school and 21 non-educated students, covering 15 countries of origin. Introduce 7 international professional qualifications and standards including ISO9606 international welder assessment standards, Australian TAFE construction engineering technology courses and laboratory construction standards, German applied chemical technology professional laboratory construction standards, and introduce more than 20 international experts to guide professional construction. Establish friendly and cooperative relations with nearly 30 schools in countries around Southeast Asia, and form sister schools with more than 10 universities in South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Entering the new era, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering will adhere to the school running philosophy of “quality school, distinctive school, talented school, and cultural school”, relying on the solid industrial foundation and superior humanities and regional conditions in the Yangtze River Delta region, and strive to integrate the college Build a modernized internationalized demonstration high-level vocational school with Chinese characteristics, a high-quality technical and talent training base with global influence, and a regional center for key technology (core technology) collaborative innovation and transfer and transformation centers to lead schools Institutional mechanism innovation, leading the reform of higher vocational education and teaching, leading the construction of quality culture.


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