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Changchun University of Technology


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Introduction to Changchun University of Technology

Changchun University of Technology (长春工业大学, website) is a provincial key university that is mainly based on engineering, and supports multi-disciplinary support such as engineering, management, liberal arts, science, economics, law, and art. It is a high-level talent cultivation, applied technology research and development, An important base for the development of high-tech products and high-level social services.

Changchun University of Technology was founded in 1952. It was initially the Changchun Automobile Industry School established by the country to prepare for the establishment of China’s first automobile factory. It was named Jilin Institute of Technology in 1962, and was identified by the Jilin Provincial Government as one of the first three key provincial universities in 1992. It obtained an excellent grade in the 2004 national undergraduate teaching work evaluation. In 2014, as the first batch of universities in the country and the first in Jilin Province, the school successfully passed the evaluation review of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education and won high praise from the expert group.

The University currently has Nanhu and Beihu campuses, covering a total area of 1.25 million square meters, with 22,797 full-time students and 1,745 faculty and staff. The school has 17 colleges, 5 first-level subject doctoral programs, 20 first-level master programs, and 54 undergraduate programs. In October 2019, the school was approved as a postdoctoral research station in statistics. The school now has 54 undergraduate majors covering 7 disciplines including engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, and art, of which 26 are engineering, 4 are science, 2 are economics, and management are 10 majors, 4 majors in literature, 2 majors in law, 6 majors in arts, and 7 second-degree majors, 3 dual-degree majors, 6 national-level specialty majors, and 1 national major comprehensive reform Pilot majors, 2 national quality courses, 1 national quality resource sharing course, 1 national teaching team, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center (engineering training center), 5 national university engineering practice education centers, 1 national university students’ off-school practical education base, 3 national “outstanding talent training plan” projects, 5 Ministry of Education industry-academia cooperation education programs, 4 Chinese-foreign cooperative education undergraduate programs. There are 222 professors, 111 doctoral supervisors and 687 master supervisors. Since its establishment 67 years ago, it has trained more than 170,000 graduates for the country, and has been widely praised by employers. The employment rate of graduates has always been among the top universities in the province. He has been awarded the “National Advanced Collective for Employment of General College Graduates”, and has become one of the first 50 typical colleges and universities with graduate employment in the country. Education base.

Changchun University of Technology has always adhered to the school’s purpose of serving local economic construction and social development, relying on FAW, Changke, Jihua and other large key enterprises and emerging high-tech enterprises to carry out personnel training, scientific research and development and social services. In recent years, the school has seized the opportunity of revitalizing the old industrial base, actively exerted the disciplinary and talent advantages of engineering colleges and universities, comprehensively integrated and improved scientific and technological innovation capabilities and service levels, and proactively undertaken important tasks of scientific and technological support. The school’s scientific research is closely integrated with the industry, and the achievement conversion rate is high. A number of major achievements such as carbon fiber, ABS resin, friction stir welding of aluminum alloys, automatic production lines for automotive airbags, advanced manufacturing, and metallurgical energy conservation have achieved industrialization in Jilin Province. Over the past five years, he has undertaken more than 1,900 scientific research projects of various types, including 92 National Natural Science Funds, 6 National Social Science Funds, 3 National Major Science and Technology Special Projects (2 Cooperative Projects), 3 National Art Funds, Jilin Province, and Changchun City. There are 7 “Double Ten Projects” projects, with a total caliber of more than 300 million yuan for scientific research. Obtained 142 scientific and technological awards, including 9 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress first prizes (2 cooperations) and 31 second prizes; obtained 357 nationally-authorized invention patents; published more than 900 SCI, EI, and CSSCI retrieval papers . It has 42 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research institutions. The University Science Park was incorporated into the Changchun Beihu Science and Technology Innovation Complex, and the school was identified as a national technology transfer demonstration institution. As a pilot unit of Jilin Province’s “two five schools” achievement transformation fund pilot project, five scientific and technological achievements have received an investment fund of 30 million yuan.

The university is one of the first universities approved by the Ministry of Education to conditionally accept foreign students. It has established friendly and cooperative relations with universities, research institutions in Britain, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries, and exchanges foreign students with experts and scholars. International academic exchanges and scientific research collaborations, and undergraduate education programs in cooperation with the University of Oakland and Portland State University.

Changchun University of Technology attaches great importance to the teaching and scientific research, and attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality and the construction of campus science and technology and cultural atmosphere. Various student associations carry out a variety of scientific, cultural, and sports activities all year round. The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ ideological and political qualities and moral sentiments. Party building and ideological and political work have been rated as “National Advanced Schools in Party Construction and Ideological and Political Work” twice by the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department, and the Ministry of Education. For many years, it has been named by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government as “the model of grassroots party organization”, “the model of spiritual civilization construction” and “advanced school of ordinary higher education”. The school was awarded the title of “National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction” in 2009, and the title of “National Civilized Unit” in 2011. In 2012, the school’s party committee was awarded the title of “National First Struggle for Advancement into Grassroots Party Organizations”. In 2016, the school party committee was awarded the titles of “Provincial Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations” and “Provincial Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations”.


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