Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security

Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security

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Introduction to Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security

Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security (北京劳动保障职业学院, website) is a full-time general college approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The administrative department is Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the education department is Beijing Education Commission. The college was established in 1985, formerly known as the Beijing Institute of Labor Management and the Beijing Institute of Planned Labor Management. In 2006, it was renamed the Beijing Vocational College of Labor and Social Security. The backbone school construction colleges and universities were selected as high-level vocational colleges with Beijing characteristics in 2019, and the elderly service and management major was selected as the first batch of Beijing-level high-level backbone majors. Lead the formation of Beijing Human Resources Service Vocational Education Group, and a Beijing Senior Career Education and Training Institute with an annual training volume of 20,000 or more. The college mainly focuses on higher vocational education, and also provides continuing education, skills training and appraisal, and education for foreign students. It is the only one in the country that has both a national high-skilled talent training base and a national professional and technical personnel continuous education base. Higher Vocational Colleges.

Beijing Vocational College of Labour and Social Security has two campuses, north and south, with a total area of 288 acres. It has four departments: labor economic management department, business management department, security engineering department, mechanical and electrical engineering department, basic department, and basic education department Two departments, opened nearly 20 general vocational majors. The employment rate of college graduates has remained above 99% for many years, the employment rate of key majors is 100%, and the employment rate of professional counterparts has reached 94.47%. It has been rated as “Beijing Model University Employment Center” by Beijing. The college launches a training program for high-end technical and technical talents. After receiving two years of high-quality high school education in Beijing Eleven School, students undergo three years of vocational education, and go to Beijing University of Technology, Capital University of Economics and Business, and Capital Medical University for undergraduate studies. At the same time, students can choose to continue their studies at New Century University College in Malaysia, Shude University of Technology, and other universities, and can recommend students to well-known universities in Europe, America, Australia, and Canada.


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