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Introduction to Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai

Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus (北京理工大学珠海学院, website) is a general institution of higher education officially approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China on May 8, 2004. The school now has 18 professional colleges (Department of Teaching), 61 undergraduate majors covering seven universities, and more than 26,000 full-time undergraduate students. The school takes Beijing Institute of Technology as its main body, and adheres to the school-oriented thinking of “focusing on quality, enhancing content, condensing features, and creating brands.” Engineering majors have outstanding characteristics and obvious advantages. Coordinated development is the first batch of application model universities in Guangdong Province.

The school takes Beijing Institute of Technology as the main body to run the school, which is an important extension and strategic component. It includes the School of Information, the School of Computers, the School of Industrial Automation, the School of Aviation, the School of Materials and Environment, the School of Business, the School of Accounting and Finance, and the School of Civil and Commercial Law 18 professional colleges, including the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Design and Art, the School of Mathematics and Civil Engineering, Bryant College, Sino-American International College, Marxism College, Honor College, Entrepreneurship College, Continuing Education College, and the Ministry of Physical Education Currently, there are more than 26,000 full-time undergraduate students and 54,000 graduates. The employment rate of graduates is above 95%, and the quality of employment has been continuously improved. The local employment rate in Zhuhai has remained at about 24%, and more than half of the graduates have employed in Zhuhai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus inherits the Yan’an spirit and educational philosophy of Beijing Institute of Technology, seizes the opportunity, forges ahead, and locates accurately, and gradually forms an education with clear goals, diversified specialties, prominent features, adequate teachers, complete facilities, and a sound system. The teaching system has achieved rapid and leapfrog development.

The school upholds the school motto of “ethics, rationality, and learning with precision”, and has formed a “diligent and pragmatic” style of study and a “rigorous and honest” style of school. It is committed to cultivating high aspirations, a solid foundation, a strong physique, and a beautiful mood. Comprehensive and applied talents with an international perspective.

Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus inherits the brand discipline professional advantages of Beijing Institute of Technology, and sets up advantages and specialties based on the industrial structure characteristics of Guangdong Province, especially the Pearl River Delta region, reflecting the professional application, innovation and compoundness. At present, the school has 61 undergraduate majors, including 34 majors in science and engineering, accounting for 55.73%. The professional structure basically connects the pillar industries in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Greater Bay Area, such as aviation, electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, software, chemicals, integrated circuits, smart grids, new energy vehicles, the Internet of Things, big data, and 3D printing. An application-oriented professional system with a high degree of integration of engineering majors, a high degree of correlation between the professional system and the industrial chain, and a high degree of professional layout with the leading industries of the Pearl River Delta has been formed.

The school has 8 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot majors in accounting, mechanical engineering and automation, computer science and technology, chemical engineering and technology, information management and information systems, electronic science and technology, engineering management, and financial management, and one province. Level professional talents training demonstration professional mechanical engineering, 1 provincial strategic emerging industry characteristic professional information engineering, law, international economy and trade 2 provincial characteristic specialities, electronic science and technology, mechanical engineering, automation, environmental engineering, software Engineering and other 5 majors that have passed IEET engineering and science and technology education certification; 1 provincial key discipline, mechanical engineering, communication and information systems, chemical engineering, 2 provincial key cultivation disciplines, mechanical engineering, communication and information systems, chemical engineering, etc. 3 municipal superiority disciplines.

Deepen the reform of education and teaching, and innovate the mechanism and model for training talents. Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus has implemented a “complete credit system” since 2016. It has deepened the application-oriented transformation and development of undergraduate education, actively promoted the international professional certification work, and strived to improve the graduates’ Gold content and international competitiveness. In 2018, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education announced the 2017 Guangdong Education and Teaching Achievement Award-winning project. The “Industry-Education Integration, Collaborative Innovation, Dual-Driven Electronic Information 3 + X Applied Talent Training Model Exploration and Application,” declared by our School of Information, has been explored and practiced. “Won the second prize of provincial teaching achievements.

Students actively participate in various academic science and technology and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. Since 2011, they have won the National University Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, the National University Student Electronic Design Competition, the National University Student Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, the American University Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, and the “Challenge Cup” nationwide. More than 120 provincial third-level awards and other major competitions such as university entrepreneurship competitions.

Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus’s teaching team is based on Beijing Institute of Technology. After more than ten years of development, it has gradually formed a team of teachers who are prosperous and strong, with a reasonable structure and a combination of full-time and part-time jobs. It has a large number of “double-teacher” teachers with a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, which highly meets the needs of application-oriented talent training. Professors, associate professors, and other teachers with associate technical titles and above account for 34%, and teachers with master’s degrees and above account for 83%. At present, a more scientific and reasonable faculty team has been formed with school-based subject leaders and backbone teachers as the core, teachers with senior professional titles as the main force, and outstanding young and middle-aged teachers with doctoral and master degrees as the support. Dou Yingxian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liang Huixing, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fang Kaitai, a famous statistician, and Jiao Yonghe, a national teaching teacher, were hired to work in the school.

Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus has established optoelectronic technology and intelligent manufacturing systems, civil drone technology, printed materials, and high-end manufacturing with experts such as Academician Zhou Liwei, Academician Dou Yingxian, Academician Gan Xiaohua, Member of Liang Huixing Faculty, Professor Ni Guoqiang, etc. Industry, civil and commercial law, port and shipping logistics, industrial ecology and other 7 scientific research and innovation teams. In the past few years, a total of 19 experts and professors have been employed as special commissioners of science and technology in Guangdong Province, and 5 teachers have been included in the “Guangdong Excellent Young Teacher Training Program”.

The school is located in the beautiful Tangjia Bay of Zhuhai City, leaning on the green foothills of Phoenix in the north and facing the vast South China Sea. The Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and the western coastal highway of Guangdong pass from the northeast sides of the school. The east facade of the school is facing the Guangzhou-Zhuhai Rail Transit Tangjiawan Station. It takes 50 minutes to travel between Zhuhai and Guangzhou, and the transportation is very convenient. The 200,000 square meters of artificial lake ripples on the campus, and the green environment reaches more than 80% of the total area of the campus. It is lined with trees, flowers and birds, and embellished by shallow water and clear water. It is quiet and elegant, and is an ideal place for students to study and live.

The school has built more than 500,000 square meters of teaching and supporting facilities such as teaching buildings, libraries, laboratories, student dormitories and student cafeterias, and more than 100,000 square meters of sports venues.

Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus has complete teaching facilities and advanced technology. It has built 52 laboratories (centers) such as information, computer, machinery, chemical engineering, materials, art, and design. Among them, there are 6 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers including engineering training center, electronic information basic experimental teaching demonstration center, chemical and chemical experiment center, mechanical and vehicle college experimental center, physics experimental teaching center, and business comprehensive simulation training center; electronic information 8 provincial experimental (practical) teaching bases, including practical teaching bases, embedded system design directions, and application-oriented talent training and practice bases; 2 provincial collaborative education platforms, such as general aviation and electronic information innovation and entrepreneurship; school-enterprise joint construction practice There are 364 teaching bases.

Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus has built 23 scientific research platforms at all levels, including 1 provincial and ministerial laboratory, Beijing Institute of Technology Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Imaging Technology and System, Ministry of Education, Zhuhai Branch, 1 provincial engineering technology center Ink Engineering Technology R & D Center, High-end Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Center, Optoelectronic Information Technology and Application Collaborative Innovation Center, Printing Materials Collaborative Innovation Center Technology Key Laboratory, Civil UAV Key Laboratory 3 municipal key laboratories, 1 municipal public laboratory ink coating technology and pilot public laboratory, 1 municipal public technology platform machine vision municipal public technology Service platform, 6 municipal social science research bases.

Based on the campus network, Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus has realized informationization of all activities from teaching environment, teaching resources to teaching and scientific research management. The university has also set up a college student affairs center whose scale and operation mode are the first of its kind in Guangdong Province. The service items include charge recharge, student assistance, education management, logistics management, household registration management, community service, business insurance, network and card services, lost property. Recruiting and other 36 businesses.

The school actively builds a platform for student innovation and entrepreneurship. Among them, the entrepreneurial workshop is identified as a city-level entrepreneurial incubation base. Currently, 35 companies are incubating, of which 32 have completed industrial and commercial registration. The proportion of graduates who started their own businesses three years later is 8.7%, which is higher than the same period in the country The figure is 5.4%.

International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exchanges and cooperation are new highlights of school development. In recent years, schools have focused on international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exchanges and cooperation and development. So far, they have signed exchange and cooperation agreements with 72 universities abroad.

The Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus and the Bryant University have been approved by the Ministry of Education, and currently have more than 400 students. In 2016, the China-US International College was established to cooperate with high-quality American universities (University of New Mexico, Georgetown University, and Pace University (Moose University, University of Kentucky, University of Kentucky) to carry out joint training and undergraduate and graduate programs, and has enrolled more than 900 students.

The school attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan. So far, it has signed cooperation agreements and established cooperation projects with 13 universities in Taiwan. A total of more than 790 students have gone to Taiwan universities for short-term studies and exchanges; there are more than 100 teachers and management The staff went to colleges and universities in Taiwan for study or advanced studies. Our school also recruited teachers from Taiwan. Currently there are 36 teachers in Taiwan. For the fourth consecutive year, we have organized “Cross-Strait Family” student cultural exchange camp activities with many universities in Taiwan for a total of 218 Taiwan students. Come to our school for exchange visits.

Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai Campus, with its brand-new schooling model, flexible schooling mechanism, rich schooling resources and huge development potential, insists on the idea of running a school that focuses on quality, enhances content, condenses features, and creates a brand. The school’s purpose is to serve the whole country and the world, and strive to create an application-oriented university.


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