Beijing College of Finance and Commerce

Beijing College of Finance and Commerce


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Introduction to Beijing College of Finance and Commerce

Beijing College of Finance and Commerce (北京财贸职业学院, website) was founded in 1958. It is a municipal public college and a national model higher vocational college. It is a civilized unit of the capital, a model school of safe campus in Beijing, a typical university for graduate employment, and a national innovation and entrepreneurship Typical experience college. There are four campuses: Tongzhou, Dongcheng, Chaoyang, and Chenzhou, covering a total area of 450.7 mu. There are more than 670 faculty members and more than 5,300 full-time students.

In the course of the school’s nearly 60 years of development, it has trained more than 42,000 university graduates and junior college graduates, 21,000 graduates from technical secondary schools, and jointly trained more than 2,000 graduate students. It has been hailed as “Huangpu Military Academy” and “Manager Cradle” by the capital’s business community.

Beijing College of Finance and Commerce has Lixin College of Accounting, School of Finance, Business School, School of Tourism and Art, School of Construction Engineering Management, School of International Education (International Exchange Center), School of Marxism (Ministry of Education), School of Humanities, and Continue College of Education (Dongcheng Campus), College of Basic Education (Chaoyang Campus), Beijing-Jiji Innovation Education College (Chengzhou Campus) Eleven second-level colleges and Institutes of Commerce and Institute of Higher Vocational Education 25 majors including management, chain operation management, e-commerce, logistics management, tourism management, flight attendant, conference planning and management, construction project management, and engineering cost. He has strong strengths in the cultivation of high-end financial and trade talents and enjoys a high social reputation.

Beijing College of Finance and Commerce attaches great importance to the construction of school culture and quality education, absorbs outstanding achievements in regional, industry, and corporate culture, explores a campus culture system with outstanding professional characteristics, and distinctive financial and trade characteristics. First prize for outstanding achievements in campus culture construction. Adhering to the school motto of “Thin Business and Lean Finance and Trade”, we set up the vocational education concept of “everyone is the winner”, take the core values of socialism as guidance, strengthen the construction of student moral education system, organically integrate literacy education and student ideological and political education to build The financial and trade literacy education system with the theme of “gratefulness, love, honesty, responsibility, innovation”. Carry out excellent traditional culture, carry out self-cultivation and motivational professional education for college students; transform the research results of Beijing businessmen, and carry out commercial civilization inheritance education; integrate industry corporate culture, carry out professional service moral education in business services, and cultivate students’ healthy personality, professional accomplishment, and professional spirit.

Beijing College of Finance and Commerce relies on Beijing ’s international business center research base, Beijing commercial circulation strategy research institute, Beijing commercial economics society, Beijing time-honored research base, and “Beijing commercial research” and “capital circulation modernization research” Platforms, etc., with Beijing Business Research as the banner, implement the blue ocean strategy, expand the field of social services, and increase the depth of social services. The cumulative short-term training has exceeded 630,000 person-times, providing intellectual services to the urban government and more than a hundred well-known enterprises, and has been hailed as a “business think tank” by the capital’s business community.

Beijing College of Finance and Commerce adheres to the international strategy, establishes exchanges and cooperation with nearly 30 universities abroad and in Taiwan, and has more than ten foreign universities such as the University of Northampton, the Central New Zealand Institute of Technology, and the State University of New York in the United States. Cooperate in hosting professional. As a member of the World Vocational College Alliance, school teachers have attended more than 400 training courses at international partner colleges. They have sent a number of students to the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Taiwan to conduct exchanges and study tours.


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