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Introduction to Baoshan University

Baoshan University (保山学院, website) is located in Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. The school history can be traced back to the “Yongchang Normal School” founded in 1905. In April 1978, the Baoshan Teachers College was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. In April 2009, it was upgraded to Baoshan College with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Since the university was upgraded, the school’s scientific planning, careful layout, and continuous reform have gradually realized the transition from junior college to undergraduate and normal to comprehensive, and the school running level has been significantly improved. In 2013, the school passed the examination to become a bachelor’s degree awarding unit. In 2014, the school was selected as one of the first two national universities in Yunnan Province to build basic capacity. In 2015, the school was selected as one of the ten “local colleges and universities in Yunnan province for transformation and development.” One of the “reform schools”. In 2016, the school was selected as the “Innovation and Pioneering Reform Pilot College” in Yunnan Province. In 2017, the school was selected as one of the first six “Applied Talent Training Model Universities” in Yunnan Province. The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council approved it as one of the two “Chinese Education Bases” in Yunnan Province. Over the past 40 years, the school has insisted on running schools in “frontier, agricultural, rural, and mountainous areas”, cultivated the spirit of Baoshan College, which has formed a “rooted frontier, serving the grassroots, struggling to start a business, and open and innovative”, and has embarked on a path of hard business development. Adhering to the school motto of “Honesty, Inspiration, Dedication, and Dedication”, the school has sent more than 40,000 professionals to the society, effectively promoted local economic, social, and cultural development, and made progress for national unity and progress, ecological civilization, and harmonious and stable frontiers. Made important contributions.

Baoshan University has a building area of 247,700 square meters, an area of 145,200 square meters for teaching and administrative purposes, a total value of 74,565,300 yuan in teaching and scientific research equipment, 1,061,600 paper books, 591,400 e-books, and 24,068,000 e-journals . There are 170 experimental training rooms on campus, and 127 off-campus practical training and teaching bases. There are 15 secondary colleges, 48 undergraduate majors, and 22 junior college majors. There are 1,039 full-time students. There are 706 in-service faculty members, including 435 full-time teachers (68.18% of teachers with a master’s degree or above, 39.31% of teachers with senior titles, and 45.45% of “double-teacher” teachers). The school also employs 72 visiting professors, including Dai Yongnian, Sun Handong, Huang Runqian, and other academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Baoshan University is guided by the needs of local economic and social development, and constantly optimizes the structure of disciplines and specialties, and the teaching results increase year by year. There are 1 provincial applied undergraduate transformation major, 1 provincial specialty major, 4 provincial excellent courses, 1 provincial bilingual course, 2 provincial teaching teams, 2 “Yunling teaching masters”, 2 provincial There are 4 teaching teachers, 2 high-level talents, 1 “Xingbao Talent Award”, 2 Yongchang teaching teachers, and 8 master tutors for foreign schools. 1 provincial demonstration practice training teaching base, 1 provincial talent training model innovation experiment area, 1 provincial “Jade and Jade Specialty Group Practice Training Base Construction and Technology Innovation Service Center”, 1 provincial “tourism product design” And development of characteristic professional group experimental internship training base construction and technical innovation service center “, 1 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship reform pilot college. Since 2009, he has won 3 second prizes of provincial teaching achievements and 65 provincial teaching quality and teaching reform projects.

Baoshan University adheres to the concepts of integration of disciplines and specialties and mutual promotion of teaching and scientific research. Disciplinary construction and scientific research have strongly supported and promoted teaching reform and personnel training, and improved the quality and level of teaching. At present, there are 1 first-class disciplines (biology) in the B plateau of colleges and universities in Yunnan province, 1 research base in philosophy and social science (Yang Shanzhou spiritual research base) in Yunnan province, and engineering research center in Yunnan province (research and development engineering center with characteristic industries in Baoyushi). One. The school cooperates with the Yunnan Science and Technology Association to build the “Zhu Youyong Academician Workstation”, and the Yunnan Food Safety Research Institute to jointly build the “Yunnan Food Safety Research Institute Baoshan Branch”, and cooperates with the Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department to join the “Yunnan Local University” (Part) Funding Unit for Fundamental Research Joint Special Fund. Since 2009, it has won 18 projects from the National Social Science Fund, Natural Science Fund, and Art Fund, 40 provincial and ministerial projects, 206 municipal and departmental projects, and 20 horizontal projects. It has been approved by the central government to support local colleges and universities to develop special funds for scientific research. There are 18 platform construction projects with a total funding of more than 36 million yuan. Published 79 academic works, edited 48 textbooks; won 4 provincial outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences, 1 third prize in the provincial science and technology progress award, and 1 first prize in the municipal science and technology progress award. The “Innovation and Practice of Talent Cultivation in Teacher Education” Community “of College Alliance in Frontier Minority Areas” which the school participated in the application won the second prize of the Eighth National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award in 2018.

Baoshan University insists on opening schools, increasing the construction of national universities, and focusing on inter-school cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation, and international cooperation. In recent years, it has signed agreements with the government, academic institutions, enterprises and institutions around 121 people to cultivate cooperation in the fields of industrial development, education, and tourism culture promotion. Signed counterpart assistance agreements with universities in and outside the province such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Capital University of Economics and Trade, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Yunnan University, and 16 universities in the United States, South Korea, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Taiwan in China With the help of high-quality educational resources at home and abroad, we will continue to promote the development of school disciplines and professional development and the construction of “National University”. It has also established the “China-Africa Jewelry Industry Research Center” with the University of Madagascar, Turiyala University, and Siam University of Thailand, and reached a cooperation agreement with Myanmar Chamber of Commerce of Jewellery to establish a school in Myanmar to cultivate gemstone professionals for Myanmar. To train 627 Chinese language teachers in the northern part of Myanmar. In 2016, the “Sino-Burma Cultural Week” was successfully held. Four Myanmar universities including Yangon University and eight domestic universities including Capital University of Economics and Business and Yunnan Normal University participated in the event. In 2017, the “Dian-Taiwan University Academic and Cultural Exchange Week” was successfully held, and five universities in Taiwan, including Fo Guang University, were invited to participate.

Baoshan University has implemented the undergraduate teaching quality and teaching reform project, and the quality of talent training has been continuously improved. Since 2008, he has won the first prize of “Responsibility System for Employment and Entrepreneurship in Yunnan University Graduates” for 10 consecutive years. In 2015 and 2016, he won the “Employment and Entrepreneurship Work Innovation Award” and the “Collective Encouragement for Advanced Undergraduate Encouragement Initiative” In the past three years, undergraduate graduate entrepreneurship rates were 1.98%, 2.90%, and 2.76%, respectively. Since 2017, it has won a total of 226 national, provincial and ministerial university student discipline professional competition awards, 47 national university student innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, and 44 provincial sports competition awards. In 2016, he won 1 National Bronze Award in the 2nd China “Internet +” University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and 2 Gold Awards in Yunnan. In 2017, he won 1 gold prize, 6 silver prizes and 7 bronze prizes in the Yunnan Division of the 2nd China “Internet +” University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest. He ranked among the top universities in Yunnan Province.

Baoshan University has established a good image in society. It has successively won the “Advanced Collective of Ideological and Political Work in General Universities of Yunnan Province”, the “Excellent Achievement Award of General Funding Work of General Universities of Yunnan Province”, and the “Advanced Collective of Financial Aid for Students in General Universities of Yunnan Province”. In 2013, “Learning Yang Shanzhou’s Spiritual Education Practice Activities” won the third prize of the 7th National University Campus Cultural Construction Outstanding Achievement by the Ministry of Education; in 2015, it won the honorary title of “Safe Campus” in Yunnan Province; It was recommended to participate in the selection of “2017 National Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Propaganda and Summary Universities” in Yunnan Province by the Education Department of Yunnan Province in 2018, and won the title of “Civilized Campus in Yunnan Province” in 2018. In December 2018, the Student Party Branch of the Conservatory of Music was named the “National Party Construction Model Model Party Branch”; in April 2019, the Teachers Party Branch of the School of Resources and Environment won the honorary title of “Standardized Construction Model Party Branch” of the Provincial Party Committee and University Work Committee; 2019 In August, the School of Politics and Public Management won the title of “Advanced Collective” in the education system of Yunnan Province.



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