Baiyin Vocational College of Mining and Metallurgy

Baiyin Vocational College of Mining and Metallurgy


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Introduction to Baiyin Vocational College of Mining and Metallurgy

Baiyin Vocational College of Mining and Metallurgy (白银矿冶职业技术学院, website) is located in Baiyin City, Gansu Province, the national nonferrous metal industry base. Baiyin Mining and Metallurgy Vocational and Technical College is based on the former Baiyin Nonferrous Metal Workers College and was restructured in 2011 with the approval of the People’s Government of Gansu Province. It is currently the only higher vocational college in Baiyin City. The predecessor of the Gansu Nonferrous Metal Technician College, Baiyin Company Technical School, was founded in 1958, and was approved by the Gansu Provincial Government in January 2010 as the Gansu Nonferrous Metal Technician College.

Baiyin Vocational College of Mining and Metallurgy has 6 teaching departments, offering metal and non-metal mining technology, mineral processing technology, engineering measurement technology, non-ferrous metallurgy technology, industrial analysis technology, applied chemical technology, environmental engineering technology, and mechatronics integration. Technology, industrial robot technology, numerical control technology, welding technology and automation, numerical control equipment application and maintenance, mining equipment maintenance technology, automobile inspection and maintenance technology, automobile marketing and service, new energy vehicle operation and maintenance, accounting, logistics management, community management And service, construction engineering management, engineering cost, community management and service, tourism management, pre-school education, computer application technology, computer network technology, digital media application technology, Internet of things engineering technology, etc. Maintenance, electrical and electronic assembly and maintenance, numerical control processing, welding processing, electronic technology applications, automobile maintenance, automobile marketing, computer application and maintenance, computer animation production, mineral mining and processing, mining measurement, non-ferrous metal smelting, chemical industry Analysis and testing, accounting, passenger rail crew, 16 vocational and other early childhood education professional, college students more than in 5000. The college has created a team of teachers with noble ethics, exquisite business, reasonable structure and rich teaching experience. The total number of teachers is more than 300, of which more than 60% are “dual teacher” teachers, and Sun Yaoheng was awarded “National Technical Expert”. Mr. Wang Kejian was awarded the “National Advanced Individual in Vocational Education”, and six of them won the “May 1 Labor Medal” of Gansu Province.

Baiyin Vocational College of Mining and Metallurgy has successively won the “National Outstanding Contribution Award for the Training of High-skilled Talents”, “National Advanced Unit for Enterprise Education and Training”, “Excellent Collective for Vocational Training in the Province”, “Five-star Party Committee” and “Advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction” and other honorary titles. The college has created 4 excellent teaching teams at the college and provincial level, including “Industrial Analysis Technology” and “NC Technology”. Mr. Wang Kejian was awarded the “National Advanced Individual in Vocational Education” in 2015, and the “National Skilled Master Studio” named after “National Technical Expert” Sun Yaoheng was settled in the College in 2016.

The college is a national high-skilled personnel training base, a national professional and technical personnel continuing education base, and a non-ferrous metal industry teacher training base. The school has built the 64th National Vocational Skills Appraisal Office of Gansu Province, No. 22 Vocational Skills Appraisal for Special Types of Nonferrous Metals Industry, National Computer Rank Examination Center, and CEAC National Informationization Training and Certification Center authorized by the Ministry of Information Industry. There are 1 national-level master studio, 15 teaching and training bases, 10 modern experimental centers, and 32 off-campus practical training bases. Students ‘extracurricular scientific and technological academic activities and social practice activities have developed vigorously, with distinctive features, and have become an important link to improve students’ comprehensive quality.

Baiyin Vocational College of Mining and Metallurgy has built Sino-German Nuohao Automobile College, UFIDA Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, Shandong Aotai Robot Welding Center, Central China CNC Industrial Robot Application Center, and Xinke Intelligent and other teaching and experimental centers. It has established comprehensive cooperative relations with more than 70 enterprises nationwide, including Baiyin Nonferrous Metals, China Nonferrous Metals Mining, Tianshan Aluminum, Zijin Mining, and Western Mining. Since the establishment of the school, a total of more than 30,000 qualified technical personnel and more than 32,000 in-service employees have been trained for the society, and they have made positive contributions to serving enterprises and social and economic development.

Facing the future, Baiyin Vocational College of Mining and Metallurgy will continue to uphold the school motto of “excellence” and the school spirit of “honesty, dedication, and skillfulness”, thoroughly implement the five development concepts, and concentrate on and strive to accelerate the establishment of “industry” “Leading, first-class demonstration higher vocational colleges in the province” create a new glory in the vocational education of the college.


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