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Introduction to Anyang Normal University

Anyang Normal University (安阳师范学院, website) is located in Anyang, a national historical and cultural city and one of the eight ancient capitals of China. The school’s predecessor was the Anyang Normal School of Changde, which was founded in 1908. It was named the Plains Provincial Anyang Normal School in 1949. It was renamed the Anyang Normal College of Henan Province in 1958 and renamed Anyang First Normal School in 1960. It was restored to Anyang Teachers College in 1978 and renamed Anyang Teachers College in 1992. In 2000, Anyang Teachers College, Anyang Education College, and Anyang Second Normal School merged to form Anyang Teachers College. In 2011, it was approved by the Academic Degrees Office of the State Council to become a pilot unit for master degree graduate training.

Anyang Normal University is a comprehensive university covering nine disciplines including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, and art. The school covers an area of 1796 acres, with a construction area of 861,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and research equipment is 312 million yuan, and the library has 1.94 million paper books. There are 22 teaching colleges and 1 college of continuing education, 1 master’s degree, 64 undergraduate majors. Three first-level disciplines and four second-level disciplines were identified as key disciplines in Henan Province. The school enrolls students in 21 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) across the country, and currently has more than 24,000 full-time students. In the “2018 Chinese University Evaluation”, the university’s comprehensive strength ranked 325th in the universities in Mainland China and 13th in the universities in Henan. In one of the world ’s top four authoritative university ranking systems, the Shanghai University of Science and Technology released the “China’s Best University Rankings” in 2018. The school ranked 358th in mainland China universities and 12th in Henan universities.

Anyang Normal University has more than 1,700 faculty members, including more than 1,450 full-time teachers, nearly 600 teachers with senior professional and technical titles, and 1,170 teachers with master’s and doctoral degrees. 1 Ministry of Education innovation team, 4 Henan innovative technology teams, 10 college innovation teams, 3 Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents Support Program, 40 academic technology leaders from the Ministry of Education, 3 scientific and technological innovation talents from Henan Province, There are 25 innovative talents in universities, 9 outstanding scholars in philosophy and social sciences in Henan universities, and 2 annual figures in philosophy and social sciences. In the 2018 Academic Ranking of Chinese University Teachers, the academic level of school teachers ranks 267th in Chinese universities and 7th in Henan province.

Anyang Normal University vigorously promotes the construction of undergraduate teaching projects, and the national, provincial and ministerial levels of education and teaching resources are constantly enriched, forming a quality brand widely recognized by the society. There are 2 national specialty programs, 1 national online open course, 1 practice teaching base, 6 provincial specialty programs, 8 professional comprehensive reform pilot programs, 1 talent training model reform pilot program, and outstanding legal talent training. 1 base, 8 experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 virtual simulation experimental teaching center, 4 exemplary virtual simulation experimental teaching projects, 7 excellent grass-roots teaching organizations, 4 teaching teams, 3 teaching teachers, 8 excellent courses 8, 8 excellent resource sharing courses, 2 bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 5 excellent online open courses, 1 excellent video public course, and won 5 first prizes and 12 second prizes in provincial teaching achievements. The school continues to deepen the reform of education and teaching, continuously strengthens the supply-side reform of talent training, and strives to improve the adaptability of talent training to the needs of economic and social development. Established a young Marxist training college to focus on training a group of grass-roots public management talents with firm ideals and convictions and a spirit of serving the people; set up an international teacher education college to focus on training a group of advanced international education concepts, solid subject expertise, and broad international Application-oriented talents with a strong vision and strong international curriculum teaching ability; establishment of the Entrepreneurship College to focus on training high-quality entrepreneurial talents with responsibility, management, and ability to operate; establishment of the Internet + Applied Technology College to focus on training practical e-commerce talents; deepening innovation Entrepreneurship education reform, innovating entrepreneurship education throughout the entire talent training process, constructing six entrepreneurship education secondary colleges, is one of the three professional (cluster) transformation and development pilot schools in Henan Province; deepening the integration reform of internship and graduation thesis to achieve the school -School, school-place, school-enterprise deep integration. For many years, the university’s fresh graduates have the highest entrance examination rate and employment rate among similar institutions. Anshi students have repeatedly achieved good results in discipline competitions such as the National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, Challenge Cup, and Mathematical Modeling, with more than 100,000 students. Graduates are active in all walks of life. With good political quality, solid professional skills, rigorous work style and outstanding work performance, they have won widespread praise from employers and all walks of life, and have made contributions to local basic education and economic and social development. He has made important contributions and earned a reputation for his alma mater.

Anyang Normal University attaches great importance to the development of Oracle research with important cultural value and inheritance. It builds an academic team of multi-disciplinary and multidisciplinary joint research—the Oracle Information Processing Team. The Oracle Research Institute is established to apply cloud computing and big data technology to Oracle In the research, “Oracle Information Processing” was approved by the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, Ministry of Education Innovation Team, and Henan Province Key Laboratory. It undertook 14 national fund projects. Three of the nine sub-projects, the independently developed “Oracle Database” is currently the largest database in the world with the most comprehensive information and the industry’s most influential database. Selected in the Ministry of Education name column construction project and the National Social Science Planning Office sponsored journals. The school actively develops a talent training program serving the country’s special needs-international education in Chinese. In 2009, it was approved as a cultural base for international promotion of Chinese characters in Henan Province in Henan Province. In 2012, it began to recruit postgraduates with a master’s degree in international education in Chinese language. It welcomes students from Thailand along the “Belt and Road” countries. 238 graduate students in international education majoring in Chinese have been trained, and the proportion of overseas internships for graduate students has reached 96%. The graduate education innovation training base jointly established with the Chinese Character Museum and Yinxu Museum was approved as an innovation training base for graduate education in Henan Province. Chinese International Education The specialty was rated as the authorized point of Henan Province specialty brand master degree. The school actively promotes the transformation of normal education to teacher education, undertakes the training of primary education (general teacher) in Henan Province and the “national training” and “provincial training” plan, and jointly builds the “three cities and four schools” in the northern part of Henan with local governments and small and medium-sized children. The provincial teacher education linkage development community has been approved as the first batch of Henan teacher education reform and innovation experimental area and professional and technical personnel continuing education bases, which has cultivated a large number of “can be used, used, retained, and done” for basic education. The teaching backbone of “Good” has now been established as a teacher education information service center, training and training center and academic research center in the three northern cities of Henan.

Anyang Normal University has a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education (Oracle Information Processing), a key laboratory of Henan Province (new optoelectronic functional materials, Oracle information processing), and an engineering laboratory of Henan Province (development and application of chemical energy-saving materials, advanced robots, photovoltaics and Grid power generation and energy storage technology), Henan International Joint Laboratory (Photoelectric Functional Materials), Henan Provincial Science and Technology Cooperative Base for Intelligent Processing of Perceptual Data, Henan Silicon Materials Photovoltaic Industry Academician Expert Workstation, Henan Postdoctoral Research and Development Base, etc. 10 Science and technology provincial and ministerial level scientific research platform, Henan Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center for “2011 Plan” Chinese Overseas Communication, Henan Key Social Science Research Base (Central Plains Cultural Research Center), Henan’s first batch of intangible cultural heritage research base, Henan Province Provincial key humanities and social science research bases (Orthopedics and Yinshang Culture Research Center, Chinese Character Culture Research Center), Religious Affairs Research Base of the Religious Affairs Bureau of Henan Provincial People’s Government, Henan Provincial International Promotion of Chinese Character Cultural Base, etc. at the provincial level Scientific research platform. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the university has undertaken 530 scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level, including 87 National Natural Science Funds, 37 National Social Science Funds, and 42 Ministry of Education projects, which have won 399 provincial or ministerial awards. 326 books and teaching materials, 225 national patents were approved; 3181 academic papers were published in core journals, of which 1363 were included in SCI, SSCI, EI, A & HCI, etc. In the latest natural index ranking released by the British Nature Publishing Group in 2018, our university ranks 138th in universities in mainland China and 6th in Henan province, ranking the forefront of similar universities.

Anyang Normal University insists on promoting the outstanding traditional culture of China, constructing the Chinese Character Cultural Experience Museum and Yinshang Historical and Cultural Museum, assisting the construction of Henan Huaxia Historical Civilization Heritage and Innovation Zone, and creating a new highland of Anyang ancient capital culture and Chinese character culture research. Promote the campus upgrading project, complete the campus water system, the North Turntable landscape project, carefully design the campus human landscape, vigorously promote the campus greening project, and the role of environmental education has been significantly enhanced. Carry forward the school motto of “advancing in morals, erudition and dedication”, “self-improvement” school style, “love for truth” teaching style, “knowledge and practice” style of study, cultivate a model teacher, Hongqiqu spirit, etc. Featured brand activities that are loved by teachers and students and have a strong social response. The “Meet the West” volunteer search activity won the first prize of national university campus cultural achievements.

Anyang Normal University is committed to creating a highland for the training of overseas Chinese communication talents, a highland for the study of Chinese character culture, and a highland for the demonstration of Chinese excellent cultural communication. It sent 445 teacher and student volunteers to promote Chinese language work abroad. . The school actively introduces foreign high-quality education resources for cooperative education, cooperates with Cook College in the United States to organize undergraduate education programs, cooperates with Canadian and Dutch colleges to organize specialized education projects, launches Sino-Belarus exchange student cooperation projects, and Sino-British high-level application-oriented college construction projects. Substantive joint training of graduate students with Zhengzhou University and Henan Normal University. In cooperation with Beijing Zhongqingyan Information Technology Co., Ltd., the Internet + Applied Technology College was established and a “Cross-Border E-Commerce Advanced Technology Demonstration Center” was established. Established the School of Entrepreneurship with Xindao Technology Co., Ltd., established the College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecological Park, and was approved as a Provincial Crowd Creation Space and a Provincial College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base. Overseas students are sent to Beijing and University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to learn from high-level domestic universities, HP (Luoyang) international software talents and industrial bases.

In recent years, Anyang Normal University has been honored as one of the top ten universities in Henan with domestic influence, the model of Henan’s higher education with the most brand influence, the university of Henan’s higher quality and social satisfaction, the university with the highest employment competitiveness in Henan, All-China Federation of Trade Unions “Model Workers ‘Home”, Henan Model Workers’ Home Red Flag Unit, Henan May 1st Labor Award, National May 4th Red Banner Youth League Committee, National University Students Summer Social Practice Outstanding Units, National College Western Program Evaluation Excellent Second, China ’s most socially influential university network and continuing education college, Henan Province ’s outstanding units for employment evaluation of ordinary college graduates, Henan ’s advanced collective of graduates of ordinary colleges and universities, Henan ’s advanced collective of college student management, Henan Demonstration units of psychological health education in provincial colleges, outstanding grades in Henan Province university student funding evaluation, advanced units in Henan Province’s first secretary selection and assignment, and advanced units in Henan Province’s new media work in the education system.


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