Anhui Wenda University of Information Engineering

Anhui Wenda University of Information Engineering


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Introduction to Anhui Wenda University of Information Engineering

Anhui Wenda University of Information Engineering (安徽文达信息工程学院, website) is located at the bank of Yanwan Lake, under the Zipeng Mountain, a national 4A-level scenic spot in Hefei. The school’s predecessor was Anhui Wenda Vocational College of Information Technology, founded in 2001. Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2011 as a full-time undergraduate college. Professor Yang Zhenning, the Nobel Prize winner in physics, visited the college twice to direct the work and wrote the name of the school.

Anhui Wenda University of Information Engineering regards serving the economic and social development of the region as its mission, and has determined the “local, application-oriented” school positioning. It has established an “integral and two-wing” discipline with engineering majors as the mainstay, and financial and art majors as the two wings Professional architecture. Focusing on the development needs of Anhui’s economic society and industry enterprises, the practice and exploration of the cultivation of applied undergraduate talents have been carried out, and the school’s school running level and overall strength have significantly improved.

Anhui Wenda University of Information Engineering now has 703 acres of land, 265,343 square meters of school buildings, teaching equipment and equipment worth more than 65 million yuan, and a collection of 850,000 paper books. At present, there are 563 teachers, of which “double-teacher” teachers account for 34%; there are 5 provincial-level teaching teachers; 3 provincial-level outstanding teachers; 1 provincial “May 1 Labor Medal”; and a provincial rookie 13 people; 21 people won prizes in provincial teaching competitions, of which 3 won first prizes.

Anhui Wenda University of Information Engineering has 9 secondary colleges including computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical and automotive engineering, construction engineering, accounting, commerce and trade, new media art and film and television media, and two public teaching departments. People, including more than 6,700 undergraduates. The Institute of Opto-Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence has been established, a national university student off-campus training base, a national vocational education training base, three provincial demonstration experimental training centers, and a provincial school-enterprise cooperative practical education base. In recent years, the school has been approved by the Ministry of Education for industry-academia cooperation in educating two projects; 138 provincial quality engineering projects, including 68 teaching and research projects, 2 specialty specialties, 2 professional comprehensive reform pilot projects, and provincial-level quality courses. 12 courses, 9 teaching achievement awards, 2 planning teaching materials, 3 large-scale online open courses (MOOC) demonstration projects, 3 smart classroom pilot projects, and 2 outstanding talent training plan projects. He has undertaken 129 scientific research topics at various levels and published 323 papers, of which 15 were indexed and indexed by CSSCI, SCI, EI, and ISTP; 30 patents were obtained, and 1 provincial engineering technology research center.

Anhui Wenda University of Information Engineering has successively won the “Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment in Anhui Province”, “An Anhui Province Graduate Graduate Employment Unit”, “Hefei Garden Unit”, and “Anhui Private-run College Excellent Unit for Annual Inspection” And other honorary titles.



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