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Anhui University of Finance and Economics
Anhui University of Finance and Economics Anhui University of Finance and Economics
Anhui University of Finance and Economics Anhui University of Finance and Economics


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Anhui University of Finance and Economics Logo

Introduction to Anhui University of Finance and Economics

Anhui University of Finance and Economics (AUFE, website),?was founded in Hefei in May 1959 as Anhui College of Finance and Trade, and moved to Bengbu, the central city of Huaihe River Basin, known as the “Pearl City” in 1961, with the campus located at Jiaotong Road. In 1983, the main campus was moved to Longhu West Campus. In February 2000, the State Council decided that Anhui University of Finance and Trade would be jointly built by the central government and the local government and managed by the Anhui provincial government, and in May 2004, the school was renamed Anhui University of Finance and Economics with the approval of the Ministry of Education, and in September of the same year, the school moved to the East Campus of Longhu.

AUFE is a multidisciplinary financial university with economics, management and law as its main disciplines and eight disciplines of literature, science, engineering, history and art, and is one of the first universities with the right to confer bachelor’s degree and the third with the right to confer master’s degree. In 2012, the university was awarded the National Midwest University Basic Capacity Building Project, and in 2014, the university was selected as a high-level university construction project with local characteristics in Anhui Province.

AUFE has College of Economics, College of Finance, College of International Business and Economics, College of Business Administration, College of Management Science and Engineering, College of Accounting, College of Finance and Public Administration, College of Law, College of Statistics and Applied Mathematics, College of Arts, College of Liberal Arts, College of Marxism, and Department of Physical Education. There are 57 undergraduate majors, 2 second bachelor’s degree majors, 9 first-level master’s degree authorization points, 36 second-level master’s degree authorization points, 14 professional master’s degree authorization points, 20 national-level first-class undergraduate major construction points, 11 provincial-level first-class undergraduate major construction points, 5 national-level first-class undergraduate courses, 5 national-level specialty majors, 14 provincial-level specialty majors, 1 national-level comprehensive professional reform pilot, 20 provincial-level comprehensive professional reform pilot, 1 national-level school-enterprise cooperation practice education base, 33 provincial-level teaching teams, 51 provincial-level excellence talent training program projects, 2 provincial-level experimental zones for talent training model innovation, 2 provincial-level key laboratories, 51 model courses in Civic Science and Politics, 68 provincial-level high-quality courses, 57 provincial-level offline, online, online and social simulation courses. The university has 1,471 serving faculty and staff members.

There are 1,471 teaching staff, including 1,020 full-time teachers, 591 teachers with senior titles, 27 doctoral supervisors, 711 master’s supervisors, and 89.29% master’s doctoral rate. There are 2 national “Ten Thousand People Plan” teachers, 7 vice-chairmen, members and secretaries-general of the National Higher Education Teaching Steering Committee, 34 provincial famous teachers, 8 provincial famous teachers’ workshops, 13 provincial academic and technical leaders, 14 reserve candidates of provincial academic and technical leaders, 7 people enjoying the special allowance of the State Council and 4 people enjoying the special allowance of Anhui Provincial Government. 4 people enjoy the special allowance of Anhui Provincial Government.

There are 20,907 undergraduates, 2,580 master students and 9,438 students of various types of higher education continuing education. The university firmly establishes the central position of talent cultivation, conscientiously implements the fundamental task of establishing moral education, promotes the construction of “four-in-one” education system of knowledge exploration, ability enhancement, quality cultivation and personality development, devotes itself to cultivating high-level applied talents, and provides talent support and intellectual support for local and industrial economic and social development. According to the “White Paper on Innovative Talent Cultivation and Academic Competition in Chinese Universities (2016-2020)” released by China Higher Education Association, the university ranks 148th, the 3rd in humanities and social sciences and the 2nd in finance and economics, and the number of national projects of university students’ innovation and entrepreneurship has been ranked 1st among local universities in China for many years.

The university gives full play to its academic background and advantages, condenses discipline characteristics and directions, sets up discipline special zones, and innovates discipline construction platform, forming a multi-disciplinary, reasonable structure, mutual support, and obvious advantages and characteristics of the economic and management discipline group. There are 8 provincial key disciplines, 1 provincial first-class discipline and 3 provincial peak disciplines. Applied economics has been selected as a provincial key discipline, a domestic first-class discipline and a Ⅱ peak discipline under the project construction of Anhui Province. Business management and statistics were selected as Ⅲ peak construction disciplines in Anhui Province, and three disciplines of applied economics, business management and statistics were awarded B- grade in the fourth round of discipline evaluation.

AUFE insists on the concept of scientific research and constantly improves the level of scientific research and social service capability. Now it has 5 key research bases at provincial and ministerial levels, such as “Cooperative Economy Research Center”, “Economic Development Research Center” and “Cotton Engineering Research Institute”, and “Anhui Economic Early Warning, Operation and Strategic Collaboration”. Anhui Collaborative Innovation Center for Economic Warning, Operation and Strategy”, 1 provincial-level collaborative innovation center, 4 provincial and ministerial-level key think tanks such as “China Cooperative Research Institute”, “Anhui Economic Development Research Institute”, etc. There are 42 university-level special research and innovation platforms such as “China Xiaogang Research Institute”. In recent years, the university has made new breakthroughs in the number and level of national projects such as National Social Science Foundation and National Self-Science Foundation, and the number of projects of National Social Science Foundation is in the forefront of national universities of finance and economics and provincial universities. The achievements have been awarded by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (Humanities and Social Sciences), Anhui Provincial Social Science Award, etc. Many research results have been approved by the central and provincial leaders. Based on the local economic and social development and the needs of the industry, the university is striving to build a new high-end think tank in the field of finance and economics, especially the research results represented by the series of research reports on Anhui’s economic and social development are increasingly influential in terms of policy and media, and the special brand is increasingly prominent. The university sponsored “Finance and Trade Research” has been selected as “China Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) Source Journal”, “National Chinese Core Journal”, “China Humanities and Social Sciences A Journal Core Journal “RCCSE Chinese Core Academic Journals”, “FMS High Quality Journals in Management Science”, “Reprographic Newspaper Information Important Reprint Source Journals “”National Famous Journal of Social Sciences in Universities”.

AUFE actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation, focusing on promoting cooperation with foreign high-level universities, focusing on educational cooperation and exchanges with countries along the “Belt and Road”, member countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) and Central and Eastern European countries. Through building international academic exchange and cooperation platforms, organizing Sino-foreign cooperation programs, developing education for foreign students, strengthening cultural experiences and exchanges between China and abroad, and introducing foreign high-quality educational resources, the university aims to improve the construction of academic disciplines and majors, implement international talent training, and strengthen the foundation of Sino-foreign humanistic exchanges, and strive to serve the new pattern of education opening to the outside world in the new era.

AUFE occupies a total area of 891,329.56 square meters, including 66,1005.79 square meters in Longhu East Campus and 230,323.77 square meters in Longhu West Campus. The construction area of the school is 744864.92 square meters, and the total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 241.3 million yuan. The book and paper collection is 2,231,700 volumes, and the electronic collection is 120TB.

The university has perfect teaching and sports facilities and student apartments with apartment management, good learning conditions and elegant living environment, and has been awarded “National Model Greening Unit”, “National Top 100 Canteens”, “Anhui Provincial University It has won the titles of “National Model Unit of Greening”, “National Top 100 Canteen”, “Advanced Collective of Student Residence Work in Anhui Province”, the first “Civilized Campus in Anhui Province” and “Model Unit of Saving Public Institution”.

Guided by Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the university comprehensively implements the ideological and political work conference of colleges and universities across the country, the National Education Conference and the National Conference on Undergraduate Education in the New Era, comprehensively deepens the comprehensive reform of the university, innovates talent cultivation mode, adheres to the spirit of “integrity and erudition, unity of knowledge and action”, and responds to the development of higher education. In the spirit of the school motto “Integrity, erudition and unity of knowledge and practice”, in accordance with the law of development of higher education, Anhui University of Finance and Economics will promote the development strategy of “New Economics and Management of Anhui University of Finance and Economics” and the strategic path of “going out, building a platform and rising to the top”, and build Anhui University of Finance and Economics into a university with outstanding advantages in economics and management disciplines, distinctive among similar institutions, first-class in the province, and first-class at home and abroad. It will build Anhui University of Finance and Economics into a high-level teaching and research university with outstanding advantages in economics and management disciplines, distinctive features among similar institutions, first-class in the province and certain influence at home and abroad.


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Anhui University of Finance and Economics Logo

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