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Anhui Science and Technology University

Anhui Science and Technology University Anhui Science and Technology University
Anhui Science and Technology University Anhui Science and Technology University


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Introduction to Anhui Science and Technology University

Anhui Science and Technology University (website), the cradle of advanced application-oriented talents, is located in the well-known historical city Fengyang and along the banks of the beautiful Huaihe River. The University was established in 1950 and her undergraduate education was started in 1965. After more than 50 years’development, the university has grown into a modern multi-disciplinary university, including agriculture, engineering, administration, science, arts, medicine, law, and economy, etc. She is just like a dazzling pearl, brightly sparkling over the Yangtze-Huaihe area.

The University consists of 10 schools (School of Plant Sciences, School of Animal Sciences, School of Life Sciences, School of Technology, School of Administration, School of Foreign Languages, School of Art & Law, School of Science, School of Physical Education and School of Further Education), offering 35 undergraduate specialties such as agronomy, animal sciences, biotechnology, electronic information engineering, machine design, manufacture & automation, electromechanical education, marketing education, English, traditional Chinese medicine, international economy & trade etc, among which agronomic education and food science & engineering are the two model specialties in Anhui educational project.

The school enrolls 11,909 full-time students, among whom 11,161 are undergraduates. And she has a staff of 799 and 572 of them are teachers, among whom 145 are professors or associate professors, 283 are doctors or masters, 45 are provincially acknowledged top talents or disciplinary forerunners, and 23 are laurelled as “State/Provincial Excellent Teacher” or granted government special subsidy.

The campus covers an area of about 77 hectares with a construction area of 37.6 hectares. Her library has a collection of 778,760 books, 1,327,215 electronic works and 15 Chinese and English data-banks. And her teaching facility values up to RMB 67,000,000. The school is equipped with the Lab of Poultry Disease Prevention & Inspection, Anhui Engineering & Technology Research Centre of Corn Breeding and 28 other labs such as the Analysis-testing Centre, Bio-Tech Centre and Computer Centre, etc.. She has 6 campus training bases such as the Planting and Farming Garden, the Food Centre and the Engineering Centre, and 90 off-campus training bases.

The university attaches great importance to scientific research and technology development. In the last three years, 365 research tasks have been hosted by this school, among which, 7 belong to China’s natural science fund and agricultural science-tech application fund offered by the Science-Tech Department; 30 belong to Anhui science-tech projects, Anhui natural science fund, Anhui social science projects, and soft science projects, etc.. Among the 1,249 academic papers published, 28 are included in the Top Four Searches; besides, 20 academic works have been published and 9 patents have been gained. Altogether 46 science-tech advancement awards have been won, among which 6 are at the provincial level. The university has chaired in establishing the standard of “the Diagnosis Technology of Fowl Paralysis Virus Infection”, which is of independent intellectual property right. She issues Journal of Anhui Science & Technology University and Newspaper of Anhui Science & Technology University. She has also carried out active international academic exchange and cooperation with overseas institutions in the US, Canada, France, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Singapore, etc.


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About the city

Bengbu (Panorama) is a mid-sized city in northern Anhui Province, China. Its metro area made of 4 urban districts has nearly one million residents. Bengbu is famous food city in Anhui province. Food-related industries account for 44% of the city’s industrial production. Bengbu lies between the subtropical humid monsoon climatic zone and temperate semi-humid monsoon climatic zone, enjoying features of both climatic types. Weather in spring is unstable, and winter dry and cold. Plum rain period will last about twenty days during late June to mid-July.


Bengbu is very connected to other major cities in China with the Hefei–Bengbu high-speed railway. Bengbu is 40 mins away from Hefei, the provincial capital by rail; 50 minutes away from Nanjing and 2.5 hours away from Shanghai. In 2016, Bengbu is ranked as the most livable city in the Anhui Province.


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