Anhui Polytechnic University

Anhui Polytechnic University

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Introduction to Anhui Polytechnic University

Anhui Polytechnic University (安徽工程大学) is a multi-disciplinary institution of higher learning and a key construction university in Anhui Province. It is a national university construction project for the construction of basic capacity in the central and western regions (Phase II). It is located in Wuhu, a state-level open city. . The school started in Anhui Private Nes Senior Vocational School in 1935, and went through the stages of schooling such as Wuhu Electrical Manufacturing School (belonging to the former National Ministry of Machinery Industry), Wuhu Mechanical School, Anhui Mechanical and Electrical College, Anhui Engineering Science and Technology College, etc. For Anhui Engineering University. In 2015, it was approved as the first batch of pilot universities for comprehensive reform of universities in Anhui Province. In 2016, it was approved as a pilot unit of Anhui Province for systematically promoting comprehensive innovation reform experiments.

Anhui Polytechnic University has a total building area of more than 500,000 square meters and teaching and scientific research equipment worth 314 million yuan. There are more than 22,000 full-time undergraduates and nearly 1,300 faculty members, including more than 1,000 full-time teachers. The school hires a group of well-known scholars at home and abroad, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as part-time professors, and introduces high-level talents as subject leaders. More than 50 people have been selected as famous teaching teachers in Anhui Province, academic and technical leaders in Anhui Province, and top talent And the leaders of young and middle-aged subjects in colleges and universities have gradually established a teaching and research team with rich teaching experience, high academic level and strong scientific research ability.

Anhui Polytechnic University has 13 secondary colleges, including the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, and further education colleges. In terms of undergraduate training, there are 74 undergraduate majors, covering engineering, science, liberal arts, management, economics, law, arts, etc., including 14 national and provincial specialty specialties, and 15 national and provincial comprehensive reform pilot specialties. There are 12 national and provincial education programs for outstanding talents; there are national off-campus practical education bases for college students. In terms of postgraduate training, there are 12 first-level disciplines, 7 master’s degree authorized categories, and 5 master’s degree fields of engineering. There are provincial demonstration bases for joint training of industry-university-research graduates, provincial professional degree case libraries, and teaching case promotion centers.

Anhui Polytechnic University has actively carried out scientific research. In the past three years, it has been granted 44 national research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, Social Science Fund, and Art Fund, and more than 260 provincial and ministerial research projects; 5 provincial science and technology awards, and provincial society. 2 science awards, 1178 patents granted, including 312 invention patents. There are six major provincial disciplines in control science and engineering, as well as six provincial key disciplines including machinery manufacturing and its automation, detection technology and automation devices, textile engineering, fermentation engineering, management science and engineering, and design arts. Cooperated with Anhui Eft Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to build a national and local joint engineering research center (engineering laboratory), including a national textile industry innovation service center, Wanjiang high-end equipment manufacturing provincial collaborative innovation center, and “design art research center” Provincial key research bases for humanities and social sciences, including 15 provincial and above technological innovation platforms. The school analysis and testing center has the qualification of provincial food inspection agency.

Anhui Polytechnic University adheres to the service orientation of “based on the local area, serves Anhui, and radiates the Yangtze River Delta”, and continuously deepens the cooperation between schools and enterprises. Jointly build the International Engineering College of Anhui University of Technology with Wuhu City, and strive to build a demonstration model area for the reform of talent training models with “internationalization, engineering, enterprise, and diversification”, and an integrated technology incubation base for production, teaching, and research. Co-established Anpu Robot Industry Technology Research Institute with Wuhu City and was approved as the first batch of new research and development institutions in Anhui Province; co-established Xuancheng Industrial Technology Research Institute, Creative Industry Research Institute, and Additive Manufacturing Research Institute with local governments. Actively undertake more than 30 decision-making consulting projects in Anhui Province and Wuhu City. Establish a comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship with Wuhu City, and carry out in-depth industry-university-research cooperation with well-known domestic companies such as Anhui Forklift Truck, Chery Automobile, Dafu Technology, and Eft Intelligent Equipment. It has established cooperative exchanges with nearly 20 well-known universities in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan, and has actively carried out activities such as cooperative schooling, personnel training, and scientific research.

Anhui Polytechnic University adheres to the connotative development path centered on improving quality and creating features, and actively cultivates high-quality application-oriented talents with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor, with a sense of social responsibility, innovation, entrepreneurship and practical ability. The school is one of the top 50 universities in China for graduates’ typical experience in employment, and a model university for innovative and entrepreneurial education for university students in Anhui Province. It has been awarded the advanced job award for graduates in Anhui Province for 8 consecutive years, of which it has been a pacesetter for 5 consecutive years. The school is known as the “cradle of engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.” The University vigorously implements the strategy of “talent-powered schools, innovation-driven, open schools, and characteristic development”. It is advancing toward the construction goal of “a well-known domestic and first-class provincial high-level university with local characteristics”, and strives to “beautifully modernize the five major developments of Anhui” Building a well-off society in an all-round way makes new and greater contributions.


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