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Northeast Forestry University


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Introduction to Northeast Forestry University

Northeast Forestry University (东北林业大学, website) was founded in July 1952. It was formerly known as Northeast Forestry College. It was established on the basis of the Forestry Department of Zhejiang University and the Forestry Department of Northeast Agricultural College. It was directly managed by the former Ministry of Forestry. In August 1985, it was renamed “Northeast Forestry University”. In March 2000, the State Forestry Administration was placed under the direct management of the Ministry of Education. In October 2005, with the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education, it became a key university for the “211 Project”. In November 2010, the Ministry of Education and the State Forestry Administration signed a cooperation agreement. In June 2011, it became a national key university for the “Innovative Discipline Innovation Platform” project. In March 2012, the Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province signed a cooperation and co-construction agreement. In September 2017, it was listed as a “double first-class” construction university with the approval of the State Council.

Northeast Forestry University is located in the center of China’s largest state-owned forest area, Harbin, with a longitude of 126.6247 °, a north latitude of 45.7662 °, an elevation of 141 meters, and a campus covering 136 hectares. Liangshui Experimental Forest Farm (Liangshui National Nature Reserve) and other teaching, research, and practice bases have a total area of 33,000 hectares.

The university is a multi-disciplinary and coordinated development college with the advantages of forestry and forestry engineering. There are currently graduate schools, 19 colleges and 1 teaching department, with 63 undergraduate majors, 9 post-doctoral research stations, 1 post-doctoral research station, 8 first-level discipline doctoral sites, 21 first-level discipline master’s sites, Professional degree master’s degree in 17 categories. It has two world-class construction disciplines in forestry engineering and forestry, four domestic first-class construction disciplines in biology, ecology, landscape architecture, and agriculture and forestry economic management, three first-level national key disciplines, 11 second-level national key disciplines, and 6 National Forestry Administration key disciplines, 2 National Forestry Administration key (cultivation) disciplines, 1 Heilongjiang Province key discipline group, 7 Heilongjiang Province key disciplines, 4 Heilongjiang leading talent echelon, 4 Heilongjiang “head geese” team. It is a national life science and technology talent training base jointly approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Education, and a national science basic science research and teaching talent training base (biology) approved by the Ministry of Education. It is a pilot school for the reform of the national education system. Pilot schools of outstanding agricultural and forestry talent education training plan projects, Ministry of Education demonstration colleges for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education, and national colleges and universities’ practice, education, innovation and entrepreneurship base.

Northeast Forestry University currently has more than 25,000 graduate and full-time undergraduates, including 19,290 undergraduates and 6,169 graduate students. Since the establishment of the school, more than 170,000 graduates of various types have been sent to the country. There are more than 2,300 faculty members, including more than 1,300 full-time teachers. There are 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 “Changjiang Scholars” specially-appointed professors, 1 young scholar, 2 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 4 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, and 4 candidates for the “Million Talent Project” in the country. Of the new century, 4 candidates for the “Billion Project”, 2 “Science and Technology Initiative Leaders”, 1 “Science and Technology Entrepreneur Leadership”, 1 “Young Top Talent”, and 6 “Young Talent Supporting Project” Winners , “New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan” selected 30 people. 27 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, 3 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions from the state, 16 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions from the provincial and ministerial levels, 10 specially-appointed professors of the “Longjiang Scholars”, 4 young scholars, and national outstanding doctorates There were 4 winners of the thesis, including 2 innovation teams of the Ministry of Education’s “Yangtze River Scholars and Innovation Team Development Plan”, and one of the first batch of Huang Danian-style teachers in national universities. In recent years, there have been 2 national teaching teacher award winners, 5 national excellent teachers, 1 national model teacher, 2 national forestry and grassland teaching master teachers, 13 provincial teaching master award winners, and 8 provincial excellent teachers. There are 1 team of winners of the National Worker Pioneer, 2 winners of the National May 1st Labor Medal, and 1 role model of the National May 1st. In 2007, the school’s undergraduate teaching level evaluation was excellent.

The university has excellent teaching and research platforms and practical teaching bases. State Key Laboratory of Forest Tree Genetics and Breeding (Northeast Forestry University), National Field Observation and Research Station of Maoershan Forest Ecosystem in Heilongjiang, China; Forest Plant Ecology, Biomass Material Science and Technology, Northeast Saline Alkaline Vegetation Recovery and Reconstruction, Forest Ecosystem sustainable management 4 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education, 6 key laboratories of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau, 12 key laboratories of Heilongjiang Province; 2 engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education, 3 engineering technologies of the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau Research Center and Feline Research Center, a higher education base for disciplinary innovation, there are 3 national experimental teaching demonstration centers for forest science, forest engineering, and wildlife, and 2 national virtual simulation experimental teaching centers for forest engineering and wildlife. , 6 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers; 3 national forestry and grassland bureau ecosystem positioning research stations, 1 provincial philosophy and social science research base, 3 provincial general universities key humanities and social science research bases, 2 provincial middle schools Enterprise common technology R & D and promotion center, 2 provincial think tanks; also the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau Animal and Plant Inspection Center, the National Bureau of forestry and grassland Engineering Quality Inspection Station testing center; a cap children Mountain Experimental Forest Farm, Experimental Farm, and other cold-campus practice base 7 and 277 off-campus practice base.

Northeast Forestry University has sent a large number of senior professionals to the society, and a large number of outstanding professional talents, management talents and innovative entrepreneurs, including national and provincial leaders, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, business and corporate elites, have emerged. A group of outstanding graduates represented by the builders of Saihanba Forest Farm, the youth team of Yinggeling Nature Reserve, and the environmental protection martyr Xu Xiujuan who rescued the red-crowned cranes. Made an important contribution.

Northeast Forestry University has established inter-school cooperative relationships with more than 100 universities and research institutions in nearly 30 countries and regions. Every year, the school has nearly 200 experts and scholars from developed countries in Europe, America, and Asia, and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan to teach, cooperate with, and conduct research and visits to the school. Each year, more than 120 teachers are sent abroad to study for degrees, advanced visits, and research cooperation. , Britain, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and other friendly schools in Taiwan and Taiwan have carried out various forms of student exchange programs, and actively select students to go abroad (overseas) to study for degrees through national public channels. The school has jointly approved the school-run institutions and projects sponsored by the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Aston University, and started to recruit students. The school has held large-scale international academic conferences such as the “International Symposium on the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Forest Trees” and the “2019 International Symposium on Tiger and Leopard Cross-Border Protection”. The school has vigorously strengthened the education and training of international students. As a Chinese government scholarship for foreign students in China, it has trained a large number of outstanding international students from more than 80 countries on five continents.

The university was awarded the honorary title of “National Civilized Unit” by the Central Civilization Commission in 2011, 2014 and 2017, and won the title of provincial civilized unit for 16 consecutive years. In recent years, the school has also been named the National Ecological Civilization Education Base, the National Model Workers’ Home, the National Advanced Teacher Moral Construction Collective, the National Green Model Unit, the 7th “Mother River Award”, the National Advanced Unit for University Student Funding Work, National May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee, National College Student Volunteer Service Western Program “Excellent Grade Project Office”, Heilongjiang Province “Top Ten Harmonious Campus”, Heilongjiang Province Patriotism Education Advanced Collective, Provincial Legal Publicity and Education Advanced Unit, Heilongjiang Province Recruitment Work Advanced The unit, the military, the police and the people jointly built the advanced collective for collective education and the advanced collective for student work in Heilongjiang Province. It was named the National Advanced Unit for Social Practice of College Students 19 times.


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