Suzhou Program TeacherTestimonial

Robyn – Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Hi, my name is Robyn and I’m an English teacher working and living in China. I moved to China in August last year, and lived in Tianjin for six months. In January I moved to Suzhou. This is my second year living in China. I currently teach English at Suzhou No. 5 High School.

I come from Durham, which is a little city in the north of England surrounded by countryside. The village where I lived has more sheep in it than people. I lived there with my parents, my two sisters and one brother.  Growing up with such a big family was never boring. I went to university in Newcastle, and after graduating decided to moveto China.




  • 苏州古城里的幸福教师 

I love China. I am so grateful for being able to live here. Teaching is such a fun job. Every day is different. My students are active, funny and excited to learn and they make every lesson fun. And Suzhou is so beautiful. Tianjin was a big modern city, with lots of big buildings and architecture. But Suzhou is old and has so much beautiful culture. The weather is warm, the food is sweet and the people are friendly.



  • 记录旅行中的美景 

I love to travel, and during my time off I am excited to get to travel around Asia, especially China. China is so big there is almost too much to see. I love to take photos of people, places and beautiful views and I’m lucky to be in such a beautiful place to practice photography. I’m trying to learn Chinese, though my Chinese is not quite good. But, speaking Chinese is important to me, so I know I will work hard.



  • 与一座城市的相守 

I don’t know how long I will stay in China. I hope I will get to stay in Suzhou and enjoy its food, culture and people for many years to come.