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Matthew (ISAC Fall 19 Intake) is an English teacher at South China Business College of GDUFS. He has been teaching at the college since Nov. 2019.

Hi, my name’s Matt and I’m a foreign language teacher. In 2018, I taught English in a high school in Nanjing, helping students to improve their speaking and listening abilities. Travelling all the way from my home in the UK to the other side of the world was a scary prospect, but I enjoyed my first year in China, so I decided to come back for a second year. Now I will teach English at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and I am looking forward to starting.

I was born and raised in Liverpool and earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Liverpool in 2016 with Honours in History. After that, I worked as a support assistant at the same university in its English language school, where I had the chance to meet lots of wonderful international students, many of whom were from China. This made me think strongly about the possibility of teaching English as a foreign language myself. I then spent a year in the beautiful town of St Andrews in Scotland to study for my master’s degree, also in History. As soon as I finished my masters, I was on the plane to China.

It’s been three months since I was last in China. Since then, I have volunteered in Malaysia at a hotel resort where I also helped the local staff there to speak some English, because they didn’t know a single word! I have also been back to the UK to spend some time with my family and friends before going back to China. I tried to learn a little Chinese last year, but unfortunately I’m not very good at it. Hopefully I can learn a little more this year, so feel free to help me!




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