Jim – Wenzhou University


“My encouragement to you is to enjoy your time here, just set aside that you are out of your normal culture; enjoy Chinese food, learn about China, do some traveling in China. Try to see what the people and the culture is like as 20% of the people are in China. If you understand their mind, thinking, how they live; you are teaching and you are dealing with the young people and you are making an impression on them, it’s good to know what they are like, so just enjoy yourself. ”

Jim is from Washington state. After many years of working in the high tech area, he decided to come and teach in China. He taught in Chongqing Normal University for 4 years and now he is teaching Software Technology in Wenzhou University, Zhejiang Province. We interviewed him during the National Day Golden Week.

Interview Video:

ISAC Teacher’s Interview – Jim from Wenzhou University (part 1/2)

ISAC Teacher’s Interview – Jim from Wenzhou University (part 2/2)

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