TestimonialUniversity Program Teacher

Jennifer – Ocean University of China



What courses are you teaching and when did you started teaching?

J: So I came to the OUC this September. This is my first year. And this semester I am teaching a undergraduate course. Western classic literature.I am focusing on children’s literature.And I am also teaching 2 post graduate classes. One in British and American literature. And one in academic writing.


And why did you come to China? Have you thought about this question?

J: Yes, haha. It is a complicated answer. Perhaps I wanted an adventure. My contract at the university in British was finishing. And I should think what I shall work next. And so I spoke to a professor. And she has just come back from OUC where she has been giving lectures for some weeks. And I said “ oh, I want an adventure but I do not know where to go next.” And she said “ I Know where you should go. You should go to OUC,because the students are brilliant and the staff are brilliant. I think you will really enjoy it.” So she wrote an email for me to introduce me to the Department. And they said “ yes, you could start this September.” It was very quick, I think that was in June last year. I came and I am learning a lot.


What is your first impression on this campus?

J: My first impression on the campus was..” I got lost.., completely lost.” My supervisor showed me around the campus and she showed me all the buildings and said goodbye. I was still there, don’t know where I am and don’t know how to get the bus and then don’t know where I live. So I,uh, I,uh, at this time I could not speak any mandarin. And I spoke to a student and he spoke a little bit of English and very kindly showed me where I needed to go. So my first impression was that it was a big campus, I am very confusing but also the people there are very friendly and helpful so I didn’t need to worry.


Have you been to some of the tourist attractions in China?

J: Yes I have. In QINGDAO and elsewhere. I’ve been to tourist attractions around China. My parents visited during the winter holiday. We took a trip, we went to Jinan and to see springs and mountains. And then we went to Beijing. All of the tourists sites in Beijing , including the Summer Palace and the forbidden city. We took a trip to see part of the Great Wall in China. It was just beautiful. It was one of my favourite visits, then we went to Xi’an, seeing the Terricota Warriers which is incredible, exploring that city. And we also visited Yangshuo in Guilin, which was very beautiful, and I climbed some hills, visited some caves. I was there for the Spring Festival for the new year. So lots of firework lots of people.