TestimonialUniversity Program Teacher

Hilda – Central China Normal University

What is your impression of CCNU?

H: Oh, well, the classrooms are very impressive, with the computers, and the way it can be set up so that my power-point can be shared with all of you, and I can share things that are working on right there, so it’s a wonderful setup. And the campus is beautiful with all the trees, and you can walk in the shade, The trees are lovely. 


Which one is your favorite canteen?

H: Canteen Number 3. At the end of the street , there’s a building with elevator on the outside, that (foods) was really good. Uhmmmm, we ate in a really big bowl, the school had a lot of different places that you could go and I had a really big bowl of noodles. We’ve been to three different canteens on campus and the 3rd canteen had really good juicy noodle bowls that I love.


Do you like Chinese noodles?

Yes, yes. And I had noodles with mushrooms, and we had the hot and dry noodles, that was wonderful. We can have those for breakfast at the hotel.


How do you like the teachers and students here?

Everybody has been really friendly and very helpful and you all are working very hard, I think you enjoy doing what you are doing. And everybody just couldn’t be nicer, trying to be helpful and get things forth, get things set-up. You all help me in class, people are very nice here.


Any suggestions for students?

I think just do what you enjoy doing. There are so many things new every day, so many things to know. It’s impossible to keep up with it, but I think we have to try to know anything we want to know and do the best for ourselves. Even after university, you should keep up this attitude towards your life and work.