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Foreign Teachers – Qufu Normal University


Mr.Fisher is from the United States. He is a very interesting and nice teacher both in and after class. The students think him as a super easy-going person!

Q: Why do you choose Qufu Normal University?

Mr. Fisher:Because my university has a faculty exchange program with Qufu Normal University. Every year, they send a different professor to teach in China. And I applied through my university for this program.

Q: What’s your first impression on our school?

Mr. Fisher:It is the very positive impression. The tress, in our campus, is very beautiful. And the architectural style of my apartment, the new building is amazing. I like it.

Q: Do you have anything that you don’t adopt to?

Mr. Fisher:You know, Chinese culture and American culture are quiet different. About the food, I love your vegetables and fruits. It’s amazing. But some dishes are so spicy. And you drink a lot of hot water, we don’t drink hot water. We drink cold water, even in winter. In China, now in winter, it is difficult for me to order cold beer because your drink warm. I like cheese, but you can not find real cheese in Qufu . I will go Jining to buy my cheese.

Q: Do you think Chinese is difficult for you?

Mr. Fisher:Yes. I thought I can learn a lot here. But I’m very disappointed about my progress. I’m very busy, so I can’t take a lot time to learn Chinese is a big challenge for me.



The other foreign teacher is also from the United States, Katie. Born in Korea, Katie grew up in the United States. Students feel that she is lively, cheerful and easygoing.  


Q:Why do you choose Qufu Normal University?

Katie:I choose this school because my college has a relationship with this college.

Q:How long have you stayed here?

Katie:This is my second year. I like my job and my students that’s why I renewed my contract.

Q:What’s your first impression on our school?

Katie:I thought the campus was very big, actually, compared to my school. I thought there are a lot of students, a little overcrowding. But I really like the feeling of the school, very comfortable and relax. So, my first impression, I got very good feelings.

Q:Do you have anything that you don’t adapt to?

Katie:In China, everyone wake up very early about 5 or 6 in the morning, but in America, people wake up a little later about 7 or 8. And the sound outside always wake me up.

Q:What about Chinese food?

Katie:I love Chinese food.I think it’s very good and delicious. Chinese food use more oil and salt. And the food is a little salty and spicy, but it’s good.



Born in the Netherlands, Fadma grew up in the UK. She is very dedicated to teaching and responsible. Fadma looked a bit shy when being interviewed.

Q: Why do you choose Qufu Normal University?

Fadma:Because I want to teach older student. And I got the offer to the Qufu Normal University.

Q: What’s your first impression on our school?

Fadma:It’s like a small community. And it’s very beautiful. But the climate here is changeable.

Q:Do you have anything that you don’t adopt to?

Fadma:First of all, the language. I still have a problem, because my Chinese is very basic. In addition, people still stare at me in the street. I always look like a foreigner, so they always look at me.