TestimonialUniversity Program Teacher

Edwin – Heilongjiang International University

Coming from Minnesota, the United States, Edwin is currently teaching in Heilongjiang International University as a foreign language teacher. We had an interview with him asking his life in China. He said that he really likes Chinese food and it tasted so good. He also mentioned that he liked staying in China and making friends with those enthusiastic Chinese people. In China, he saw the different scenery and he felt so grateful.

How long have you been in China? Do you like Chinese culture?

Edwin: Nearly five years. What’s more , I like Chinese culture and I am learning Chinese. I like doing some things which can challenge me, like Chinese.

In your daily life, what kind of person are you like? What do you do in your spare time?

Edwin: Um mm, I was a naughty boy when I was in my high school. I always make some troubles with my little brother. And then, we will hide ourselves. But sometimes I might be punished.( when we talked about this part, Edwin seemed very happy)However, When I grow up , I’m not outstanding and I like staying myself and do some painting or choseing some colors for my draws. Sometimes, I play basketball with some other foreign teachers.

You are a quite hard-working and positive person, so what would you like to say to the students of the school?

Edwin:I hope all of you can make good use of the language environment on our campus and cherish each chance to improve your spoken English. And do remember to make full use of your college time. When you graduate from college, you will feel there have much pressure in the future. In order to cope with the pressure, you should enrich your experiences and always be positive towards life.