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Dina (ISAC Fall 19 Intake), from Khakassia, Russia. She is now a Russian teacher at South China Business College of GDUFS. She has been teaching at the college since Nov. 2019.

I graduated from Khakas State University. I have got two degrees: a Master Degree in Philology and a Master Degree in History and Tourism. Now I am at my third level of higher education. I am a post graduate student at Khakas State University and write a dissertation in the Russian history. It addresses the life of the Orthodox clergy in Siberia in the 19th century.

I am from Russia, from its Siberian part, and I was born in the Republic of Khakassia. I have been working in educational field about 15 years and taught students at the University, public school and cadet corps.

In my work, I prefer to use a creative approach, as it helps students more easily and efficiently learn new knowledge.

I regularly take part in pedagogical conferences, seminars and master classes, including as a leader.

When I am not teaching I love travelling. I like exploring my place where I live. Its nature is very rich and beautiful. Besides, I enjoy travelling around Russia, visiting different Russian cities or going abroad.

Apart from it, I like knitting, drawing and creating dolls houses. These hobbies make me calm and feel comfort.

Working in China affords me the chance to share my knowledge, help students to know Russia and its culture better. Besides it would help me improve my own teaching skills. It motivates me to keep learning and connecting with others. And I should say I love meeting new people and new cultures. I’m very interested in the way simple people live in different countries. I see that despite the difference in culture and nationalities, ordinary people in foreign countries are very similar.

Besides, I am a big fan of ballroom dancing and in my free time I attend classes in samba, rumba or cha-cha-cha. Unfortunately I haven’t got enough time for this hobby.








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