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Daniel – Hunan Agricultural University

Daniel comes from America. He is currently a foreign teacher at Hunan Agriculture University in Changsha City and is responsible for the oral English teaching of the English major students. 


Why did you come to our school initially?

D:I have been to a lot of cities, including large cities and the small one. But I have never been to Changsha, I wander what kind of city will Changsha be? besides, the school contacts me, so I was happy to accept the job, so I said yes, I will be here!


Have you adapted to the food here, as we all know, the food in Changsha is very spicy.

D:Yes, I have, I like SPICY! And there are so many kinds of food for me to choose that I can surely enjoy myself!


What’s your general feeling about the present life?

D:Coming to this school can be a very great experience, but a little bit challenging. “Nongda”is a little bit different, there are a very little foreigners here. That’s OK, I am not going here to meet “Lao wai”. I came here to meet Chinese.

Life in China can be colorful and difficult, life in American can be colorful and difficult. Life is colorful and wonderful everywhere. The most important thing is not where you are, it is who you are.


Do you have some good advice for building a better school?

D:It’s a beautiful school, with many trees, the flowing river, I like the environment. It’s a very interesting university, very interesting. My advice is that keeping having many activities for the students to participate , not just class, maybe the class will certainly give the students more knowledge, knowledge is not everything, that’s important, you know, urban city is not only learning knowledge, the university should be a place where the students can be given opportunities for what they like to learn, not just what they must learn.


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