Milan – Stay Strong and We will Continue Our English Learning

Milan, English Teacher at Lanzhou University

Okay! First, I want to say Hello. Happy new year to everyone, all of you, my students. I’m sorry this is the only way we can communicate at the beginning of this spring semester. Unfortunately, this is all we can do at this point. You know. Why? That is the case.

I got this message from our school, our department, to record a short video about English learning. In a way, I thought that everything I insisted on in the previous term now has even more sense because I was trying to remind you, so my point was that English learning is not about relying on others. So, you must find your own ways, how to study this subject, how to connect your interests with English. And at this point most of the people, they really cannot do much. They will spend most of their time at home. So, there is something that no one can stop you from doing, either self-studying or something that I think is more, for a lot of people, more productive is to cooperate with others. Of course, when you cannot go out anytime you want and interact with others. But what you could do is to use WeChat or other social media platforms and maybe even learn English by playing games or texting with others in English or sending messages or something we have done in the previous term. So I think, if you really want to continue studying English, you should consider some of these with how to continue progressing in English language at the same time and escape this terrible situation that a lot of people are in at this moment.

So, I really hope you will stay strong and all of this will end soon, so we could see each other soon in the classroom and sit in the real classroom. We will continue our English learning adventure soon. Okay, that’s all. What I have to say to you is to stay strong, take care, and hope to see you soon. Goodbye.

(Source: Lanzhou University)


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