Melissa – I Am Blessed to Work at Ningxia University in China

Video: Melissa – I Am Blessed to Work at Ningxia University in China

53-year-old Melissa Smith is from the United States. Her Chinese name is Shi Meichun. She is a teacher at the School of Foreign Languages of Ningxia University. She has spent 18 years in Ningxia. She has been delivering books and teaching children in mountainous areas for more than 10 years and has witnessed the tremendous changes in the development of education in western China.

In 1993, Melissa came to Yinchuan, Ningxia to train for English teachers for the first time, and then stayed at Ningxia University as a foreign teacher for more than two years. After Melissa returned to the United States to study for a PhD in education, she moved to Beijing, Changchun and other places to study and work, but Ningxia has always made her unforgettable.

In 2004, Melissa came to Ningxia again and took root since then.

“I feel like returning to my hometown when I return to Ningxia, and I feel very warm.” Melissa said.

At Ningxia University, Melissa not only teaches students, but also trains teachers. She enjoys this busy and fulfilling state. “I am very lucky to be able to work here. I like interacting with students and communicating with teachers.”

Outside of work, Melissa often goes to the Xihaigu area, sending books and teaching to rural schools there, playing games with the children, and sharing teaching experience with local teachers. She will also pay out of her own pocket to support the poor children of the family.

Rooted in Ningxia for 18 years, Melissa has already fallen in love with this “home away from home”. She hopes that she can stay here forever and contribute her strength to the education of western China.

“I want to cheer for China, especially for Ningxia. I am very happy to see these changes in Ningxia, and I hope to witness more changes in the future.” Melissa said.

Melissa, USA, English Teacher at Ningxia University

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