Luke – The “Cavalier” Teacher at Neusoft







“Mr. Luke总是带给我们能量,当我们说专四考试很难时,他会说只要努力,就能做到。”英语系学生廖旭彤说。

In the early morning, the sun just shone on the campus, and it also ushered in a new day for Dalian Neusoft Univeristy of Information. A tall and gentleman-style Englishman walks into the campus. He is what Neusoft students call “Cavalier” — Luke. Let us get a closer look at the daily life of the British at Neusoft.

The first session in the morning is Luke’s class. As always, he arrived in the classroom early to prepare for class. Luke on the podium is serious, funny, and of course stern sometimes. He has a gentlemanly temperament and is very charming. In the classroom, he advocated discussion-style learning, and the lively classroom atmosphere made everyone dare to express their ideas and opinions in English.

“He is more like a big brother in class, he likes to chat with us. Teacher Luke is very Handsome and Gentleman!” said students Shi Hui and Zhe Yumeng.

“It has been four years since I came to Neusoft. I like Dalian very much, and my life in China is very happy!”. Luke said that he likes his current job and Chinese students very much.

“I think Mr. Luke is very careful in teaching. When we speak, he will always correct the wrong pronunciation for us until we slowly correct it. He is a gentleman, and he will let the females go in and out every time. Classmates go first.” Li Xiu, an English student, said with a smile.

“Mr. Luke always brings us energy. When we say that the fourth grade exam is difficult, he will say that as long as we work hard, we can do it.” said Liao Xutong, an English student.


(Source: Dalian Neusoft University)

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