Jason – I Hope You Are Keeping Safe and Well

Jason is an English teacher at Lanzhou University (Video)

Hello, everybody. I hope you’re keeping safe and well at this difficult time. I’m at home here in Lanzhou with my family, my wife and my daughter. We have been here for the whole holidays. We haven’t left Lanzhou. This is my home. Just like you, I’m just waiting and hoping that we can get back to normaland university life as soon as possible.

I just want to recommend few ways to occupy your time perhaps a bit more constructively at home. First, I want to say I hope you are keeping safe, well, and following all the guidelines that the government has provided to make sure that you are at minimum risk. For ourselves, we have taken the opportunity to clean our flat . We also made sure our daughter is happy and occupied. She has homework to do but also, we read to her and we play games with her. And this is helping to fill our time. Now, as English students, obviously this is a challenging time for you. Especially, if you’re living in a place where nobody else speaks English. It’s difficult to find people to practice speaking with. But you can do things to help improve your English. It’s a good opportunity to improve your vocabulary. You can set yourself a target for learning new words everyday, and you can perhaps make little labels for these new words. And if you are naming objects, you can stick the label on your object in the flat, and you can practice saying the English word every time. You need to say the word rather than the Chinese word. If you are living with other people who are not learning English, maybe you can encourage them to join in and play the game too.

Secondly, this is a good opportunity to catch up on watching TV shows and movies. You’ve got access to the internet and sites, like Youku. And there are some good shows and good movies you can see on these sites. I don’t watch that many movies,but there are some which I really enjoy. There’s a movie which I recommended to my students last semester. It’s called The Sixth Sense.Sixthis s-i-x-t-h and sense is s-e-n-s-e. The Sixth Sense, it’s a kind of ghost story, but it’s a very clever movie. And students are recommendedto watch it and they really enjoyed it and they told me afterwards that term. They thought it was a good film. Um, that’s it.

And finally, of course, you’ve got your WeChat, and you can talk to your friends. It’s very difficult having a spontaneous conversation with friends on WeChat. So I think you have to set yourself a particular task, something constructive, maybe a game or a role play, which you can play that gives you something positive to achieve when you’re speaking with your friends in English on WeChat.

So that’s it. I just want to give you this quick message as well as give you my best wishes and the hope that you are safe and well. And I look forward to seeing you back at the university hopefully before too long.

(Source: Lanzhou University)


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