Irene – Message to My Students at Lanzhou University

Irene, English Teacher at Lanzhou University

Hi, everyone. The beginning of the 2020 turned out to be quite harsh for many places around the world, but the news about Wuhan has struck each family on the planet. I got the messages from my friends in Brazil, Canada and Australia, along with expressing their concerns about the scale of the disease, they are all amazed at the timely and well-organized measures implemented by the Chinese government to help infected people and protect others. The thing you may not have realized is that the whole world is looking up to China, admiring its resources, learning from China how to remain strong, powerful and decisive under such challenging conditions.

The implementation of online learning is now your personal challenge to test if you are determined enough to pursue your roles and not give up. Be sure that you are not alone and all the teachers in Lanzhou University will provide you with all the necessary assistance and support.

Now, let me give you some tips about the organization of the online self-studying process. First and foremost, please recycle the things you’ve learned and listened to. For example, if you read an English story, you should try to retell it right away. At times it might be difficult to do it at first. So, if it is difficult for you, you can write down the key words and use them to retell the story. Next, it’s hard to over-estimate the value of listening to the authentic English resources. You are required to listen and repeat, trying to sound as much as possible like it sounds in the audio. This activity will help your pronunciation. Besides, you may also want to record yourself and listen to how you say the things. Last but not the least, you are required to keep the record of the new vocabulary you’ve learned on the paper and rewrite it as often as you can. Please pay attention to and don’t forget to write down the forms of the new words for it will reduce the possibility of saying such mistake like “I study physical.” “Physical”is adjective (adj.), but here you need a noun to make sentence correct. You need to say, “I study physics.” “Physics” is a noun, not “physical”. What’s more, you should also write down the phrases that are new and useful to you and you may try translating from Chinese to English to help yourself remember the phrases.

I hope this information will be helpful. Please stay focused and let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you, I wish you and your families to remain optimistic and healthy.

Irene is an English Teacher at Lanzhou University (Video)

(Source: Lanzhou University)


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