Diane – My Story Teaching at Hubei University of Technology

Video: Diane Berthelot – My story teaching at Hubei University of Technology in Wuhan, China

My name is Diane Berthelot and I come from the United States. I have been a teacher here in Wuhan for just over nine years.

It’s been a terrific experience. When I first got here there were so many problems. The students had so many problems and I knew this had to be because their foundation wasn’t strong and I’ve started looking at the methods being used.

I believe in keeping it simple. I take out all the extracurricular stuff and make a good strong foundation, then you build on top of it. You’ll have a strong structure.

I still have students from my first year who visit me he tapped me on the shoulder, and he says Mrs B, do you remember me? I just wanted to tell you that you’ve changed my life and that made me feel so good.

What they remembered about that teacher was the difference they made in their own confidence and belief in themselves; that teacher made them feel that they were worthy, that they could.

I think that the five-year goals are going to be easy for the Chinese nation to hit. I don’t think you’re going to have any problem with it at all. Actually most nations do that, so I’m not at all surprised china is already in the process of realizing all of that. Just look at the students every term the students were just a little bit better at English. The cities become a little bit cleaner, a little bit fresher. Wuhan changes every day. You know they’re not kidding. China has nowhere else to go but up.

After this term I’m retiring. I’m going to be home going home and being grandma and great-grandma I’ll be uh schooling my grandchildren. Now I’m going to be bringing them back knick-knacks and different various traditional type of things.

Diane, USA, English Teacher at Hubei University of Technology in Wuhan, China

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