Derek – A Scottish electronics engineer comes to CIPTC

Where would an engineer begin? At the beginning of course. One day last year I was sitting at my desk doing the usual stuff. Mathematics, figuring out odd variables and potential financial disasters that may come back to bite my company on the bum.

I had my resume online, as many people do, and I received an email from a company in China called CIPTC. I was intrigued. In fact I was incredibly impressed by the professional and non intrusive manner that they approached me. It was an offer to teach English in China. I replied immediately. The thought of teaching in such an ancient culture was too much to resist.

In Scotland we learn much about China. Even from a very early age. Not just China, but all cultures that have a history beyond our own. Greece, Rome, Egypt and the rest. But China always held a fascination for me. The history, the culture, the art, everything I was taught in primary school drew me to China.

Then I was offered the chance to teach Chinese kids. I could not ignore this professional approach.

Of course being and engineer of some 35 years I did my research. I found that CIPTC were the most rated company on the internet. Game on.
After the initial interviews via telephone I decided to accept. The visa process is complicated and long. But the company made it easy. So easy, they were amazingly competent and professional.

I arrived in China and was met as planned and on time by our company. Booked into a hotel, and given fantastic training for two weeks before I embarked on my Chinese adventure.

I will never regret coming to China. I will never regret working for CIPTC. In truth, CIPTC have shown a trust in me that has (I hope) been returned by my school, and simply let me teach as they taught me how to teach.

The staff at the company are first class. If you have a problem, whatever it is, they will be there for you. Simply put. The best company and the best decision I have ever made.

Need I say more? Integrate. Learn the language, be an ambassador for your country. The Chinese people will embrace you with a heart that is true, and a culture that is ancient. I love our China. I love Chinese culture, but most of all I love Chinese people and teaching Chinese children. CIPTC gave me this opportunity. I will be forever grateful for their training, their help and their professionalism.

by Derek, English Teacher at CIPTC in Shenzhen, China

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen.

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