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If you are on this website you must be thinking about coming to China to teach, and I am sure you will have questions!

I was in the same position when I was contacted out of the blue by CIPTC. I was worried, but they responded to my emails and sent me online information. I soon took the plunge and tried the telephone interview, and I was pleased, and also a little scared, when they said I passed.

From that moment on CIPTC were great, there was always answers to my questions and help for my worries. They suggested flights, contacted visa agents and made sure I got to Hong Kong safely.

When I finally met staff of CIPTC in the flesh I found them to be helpful, friendly and genuine, I really do consider them as friends. They got us to Shenzhen with minimal fuss, set up ready for the metro and mobile phone network and put us in a nice hotel while waiting for accommodation.

I have to say I was a bit shocked to find it was a shared flat, but it was a good standard and again, CIPTC took care of all the red tape and bills.

Once I was placed in my school it was full steam ahead with a new job. Yes, it is a job! It is not a holiday, it is a very important job teaching children in a public school and CIPTC are a very professional company. They give you training and initiation and continued support as you find your feet!

It is not all work though, and again CIPTC are there! Every month they give you the opportunity to experience a trip to another part of the province and to see some of the culture in your host country! They also treat you to a delicious meal and make you feel part of the family!

Shenzhen has so much to offer, work is rewarding and fulfilling and there is so much to see and do, you will never be bored.

If you are thinking of giving teaching a go in China, I can thoroughly recommend CIPTC as a starting point and possibly a continued employer, you really will find so many doors open to you! Give it a try!

by Andrew, English Teacher at CIPTC in Shenzhen, China

Credit: CIPTC Shenzhen.

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