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Chinese university jobs aren’t the highest paid teaching positions in China. For better salaries you need to teach young kids, or teach at international schools. However, University jobs offer lower teaching workloads, less stress and more vacation time. If quality of life is what you’re seeking, then read on…
Chinese universities often provide their foreign teachers with an apartment on campus. The exact living arrangements vary from university to university. Living on campus is very convenient because you spend such little time commuting to work! Don’t worry – you won’t have a curfew like the students do.
Unlike Beijing and Shanghai, where foreigners are found everywhere, in second tier cities you will be more of a curiosity. People will be approaching you, wanting to make friends, on an almost daily basis. Most just want to practice their English a get a free lesson but some will truly become good friends with you on a long term basis.
I’m happy to say that Wuhu (in Anhui Province) has been a very nice surprise! As an American from the Midwest, I have thoroughly enjoyed the autumn weather in Wuhu where the average day has been sunny and warm with temperatures in the upper 60’s to upper 70’s. It has been incredible!
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