Service for Teachers

ISAC not only help schools recruit teachers, we also help teachers find jobs.  We provide two types of job-seeking services to teachers: Free and Paid.

1. Free service is for teachers who wish to apply for most jobs on our Job Board. ISAC screen CVs, and recommend candidates to our clients. Check out ISAC University Teaching Program.

2. Premier service is for teachers who wish to secure a job in higher education. ISAC help teachers connect with more universities, so you have more options and can find the best fit for you. We ensure that teachers get at least one job offer from the jobs they applied for. Otherwise, the service fee is back in full.

Premier Service Q&A

a. Our career advisor will help you 1 on 1 from the very beginning to assist you with your job-seeking.

b. We guarantee that you will get at least one job offer from the positions you applied for. If not, you get a full refund.

The service fee is $998, paid in two installments:

1. $499 commitment deposit due after acceptance
2. Remaining balance due when you receive your first contract offer
* ISAC alumni receive a 10% discount.

It is fully refundable if you fail to receive any job offers from the universities you applied to.

You need to meet the Gerneral Requirements to be eligible. 

Premier Service is good for teachers who wish to have more selections and find the best possible job.

Send an email to Please include your CV, basic information and indicate your intention to enroll in the Premier Service. A staff from our team will help you get enrolled.

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