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ISAC not only help schools recruit talents, we also help talents find jobs.  We provide both free and paid job-seeking services to job seekers.

1. Free service is for people who wish to apply for jobs on ISAC Job Board and Application is free of charge.

2. Premier service is ISAC’s personalized job searching service for jobseekers. ISAC speaks with jobseekers to understand their needs, suggest them what positions to apply for and help them connect with potential employers. ISAC do not make the final decision whether to hire or not, but we help candidates get enough information so they know what to do to secure a position that matches their qualification and experience.

Premier Service Q&A

  • To put it simply, in the Premier Service, ISAC help people find jobs in China especially at university level.
  • How? ISAC career advisor will help you 1 on 1 from the very beginning to assist you with your job-seeking to the very end (arriving at your school).
  • In Detail: If you are interested in one or more job positions, ISAC help you check the availability of them and help you get interviewed with the school. We also recommend available jobs to you and invite schools to review your profile. Please note that whether you will be offered a job is the employer’s decision, but ISAC will present your full profile including your CV, Cover Letter, Diploma, Reference Letters etc. directly to the recruiting manager.

The service fee is 1 month of your salary if successfully hired (rate as of Nov. 2021). It is paid in two instalments:

1. $999 commitment deposit
2. Remaining balance due when you accept your contract offer.

Unfortunately, the commitment fee is not refundable. ISAC’s service will continue until you accept a job offer and start your work in China.

ISAC is able to provide consulting service only to qualified jobseekers:

  1. For language teachers, you need to meet the General Requirements to be eligible.
  2. For Postdoc and Faculty positions, you need to have at least a doctor’s degree to be eligible.

Our job search service will continue until you accept a job offer from a university in China.

Please Eemail or add WeChat ID isac_org to enroll.

Please include your CV, basic information. A staff from our team will help you with the next steps.

University ESL Teaching Jobs in China

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