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Be Safe, Not Sorry

Having adequate medical insurance and other forms of insurance is essential especially when you are in a foreign country. The problem with insurance is that we always assume we will not need it; that makes it easy to assume it is an unnecessary expense. Sad experience brings an important lesson home: The right way to calculate the cost of insurance is to think about where the money would come from if certain eventualities (like illness or even death) occurred. The problem here is that we don’t like to think about these things.


Insurance Plan For You

Although seeing a doctor in Chinese cities is convenient and super affordable compared to that in other countires, we still strongly recommend foreign teachers, whoever you work for, to enroll in an insurance plan. With ISAC programs, your insurance will be fully paid for the period of your employment. Always check with your host school to understand what your insurace plan will be and what are included in it.


Foreign Teacher Insurance Plan

Ping An Annuity Insurance Company of China provide ISAC foreign teachers with insurance that can be used for most common accidents. Again, double check with your host school/program office to understand your insurance details. Check below what are included in the Ping An plan below.

Intended for: Foreign teachers, Foreign experts
Age limit:18-69 years old
Death + accidental disability:100,000 RMB
Accidental injury medical treatment:20,000 RMB
Portal and emergency medical treatment:
20,000 RMB
(Daily limitation is 600RMB; Deductible is 2000 RMB)
Inpatient medical treatment:
400,000 RMB


PDF: Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme

Ping An Insurance Company of China
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