ISACTalk – Jordan and Fay from Henan Normal University

2019. Feb 13th On Feb. 13th 2019, Jordan and Fay, both teaching at Henan Normal University in Xinxiang city, visited Hangzhou during the Spring Festival Celebration. ISAC Teacher’s Interview – Fay and Jordan from Henan Normal University   Jordan is from Toronto, Ontario and Fay is a Chinese Canadian being […]

2019 New Year’s Party at Henan Normal University

On the evening of December 28th, the School of International Education held the 2019 New Year’s party on the ideological platform. Li Qiufa, Head of the School of International Education, deputy secretary Liu Haitao, and more than 300 teachers and students attended the party.     About Henan Normal University […]

Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert Held In HNU

2018. Sept 29th The Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert, hosted by the Youth League Committee and the Student Union, was held at the West Campus Field.   The moon conveys blessings and the music touches to the youth. On the evening of September 24th, the Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert hosted by the Youth […]