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Introduction to Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy

Founded in 1996, Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy (上海市世界外国语中学, website) is a private high school with excellent academic reputation and social reputation in Shanghai. The school is a civilized unit of Shanghai, a demonstration school of Shanghai code of conduct, and the first batch of quality education experimental schools in Xuhui District.

The school clearly aims at “cultivating modern Chinese who are going to the world” and actively explores and practices quality education, aiming to cultivate students with “caring and elegant” qualities. The school takes “Active Participation and Practice” (“P&P”, Participation & Practice) as its core educational philosophy, and always emphasizes the main role of students, taps students’ potential, cultivates students’ cooperative spirit, and enhances students’ innovative ability. The school focuses on cultivating students’ humanity and sense of the times, aiming to cultivate students with a global vision and cultural vision, and cultivate students to become modern Chinese who are fully developed and going to the world through experiential, cooperative, inquiring, and project-based education and teaching methods.

The school has two sections of middle and high school. Junior high schools are divided into general classes, bilingual classes and integrated classes, and high schools are international high school courses. The school has two campuses, located at No. 602 Hongcao South Road, Xuhui District, covering an area of 19,777 square meters; No. 400, Baihua Street, covering an area of 9,212 square meters. The campus environment is elegant, providing students with open, orderly, interactive and cooperative spaces everywhere.

The school has a team of teachers with dedication, love for students, rich experience in education and teaching, and strong strength, with a teacher-student ratio of 1:8.

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