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Introduction to Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School

Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School (上海培佳双语学校, website) is a modern bilingual private school catering for students from early primary to year 12. We are qualified to enroll international students and to employ international teachers. With 52 classes across the primary, junior high and senior high school, our student population is nearing 2000.

Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School provides a range of modern education facilities. We maintain an Information and Resource Centre, campus-wide digital broadcasting system, modern athletics track and facilities, and a purpose built outdoor sports complex. These facilities help us provide an open teaching and learning atmosphere. Air conditioners are installed in every office and classroom to ensure comfortable working and learning spaces. The Boarding Department manages two on-campus boarding houses with international standard accommodation, and arranges subject teachers to guide students’ learning and living on campus. Our school also provides a number of bus routes for our students’ convenience.

Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School fosters a number of positive international relationships with schools across Europe and America. We promote international communication and the exchange of teachers, students and ideas. Furthermore, our school teaching staff includes a number of international teachers, further promoting the global diversity of our school.

Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School is committed to the professional development of our teachers and staff. Our staff is comprised of dedicated, highly qualified, outstanding teachers; many of whom have received national and urban teaching awards and honorary titles. Teachers engage in domestic and international training to ensure commitment to teaching excellence. Furthermore, there are more than a dozen teaching experts and special senior teachers on staff to participate in our school’s research and training program. Owing to its commitment to professional development, the school was named The Model School for Teachers in 2010 and received acknowledgement as the Demonstration School of Teacher’s Professional Development.

Our school is committed to delivering positive holistic education, with ‘Excellent teaching, joyful learning’ as our core value. Our school fosters the balanced integration and innovation of Chinese and Western teaching materials and methods. We not only advocate student mastery of fundamental knowledge and basic skills, but ensure the development of creative and critical thinking. We seek to cultivate students’ ability to identify issues, ask questions and solve problems; aiming to let students learn to think, learn to learn, and learn to create. For these reasons our school has become an International Baccalaureate Candidate School, hoping to offer the IB Middle Years Programme. Our work in curriculum integration has acknowledged by local education through our Putuo Outstanding Collective of Scientific Research award for education research.

In recent years the school has significantly improved teaching quality and has achieved outstanding student results. Since 2003, more than 95% of junior high school graduates advance to the prestigious local demonstration senior high schools. 100% of high school graduates enroll in colleges and universities.

Peijia’s commitment to bilingual education begins in the first grade. Students may participate in the English immersion International Class, or the Oxford English Stories curriculum. Currently, each class across the primary and middle school participates in multiple bilingual (English-Chinese) lessons each week. Additionally, students may participate in a range of co-curricular English language events including Summer Camp and English Festival. Such a strong focus on the development of a natural English environment has resulted in strong English language abilities among our students. Such language abilities far outstrip local requirements of primary and middle school students in Shanghai.

Our school rigorously delivers the Shanghai New Curriculum, with a commitment to excellence in the Research Curriculum. Our students participate in research courses from the fourth grade to senior high school. We are proud of our research tradition, and look forward to the end of each academic year when every graduating student in our primary department submits their graduation thesis and presents their research results.

In addition to delivering Shanghai New Curriculum, our school offers a range of school-based curriculum and specialized courses. In 2009 we introduced our Performance and Life Skills curriculum, each helping to foster the holistic development of our students. In 2011, we introduced a series of specialized courses including baseball, martial arts, folk music and wind music. This selection was expanded in 2013 to include foreign language and technology courses. Furthermore, our school has assembled co-curricular groups such as a martial arts and aerobics team. In recent years many Peijia students have gained a variety of academic, art and extra-curriculum awards from competitions in Putuo district, greater Shanghai, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, each year our students have the opportunity to compete in the Odyssey of the Mind competition. Our Odyssey of the Mind team has achieved ongoing success in both the international and domestic competitions.

With the care and support of the local Education Bureau and the dedication of our teachers our school has gained a solid reputation in our community. We have been awarded the title of Distinctive-running Demonstration School by the Professional Committee of Chinese Association of Private Education in Primary and Secondary School and Shanghai Distinctive Private School. However, the positive holistic development of our students remains our greatest reward.

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