Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai

Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai
Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai


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Introduction to Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai

Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai (珠海北大附属实验学校, website) is located in Peking University Education Science Park, Qi’ao Island, Zhuhai City. It is close to the mountains and the sea, away from the hustle and bustle, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, with convenient transportation and rich cultural heritage.

The school was approved by the Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Education in 2003 and founded by Peking University Jade Bird Group. The school relies on Peking University’s high-quality educational resources and upholds a century-old Peking University education tradition. “For the purpose of education, the seeds of truth, beauty are planted in the hearts of children, leading them to pursue happiness together” is the motto.

The school is divided into elementary school, junior high school and high school. The international department is a 12-year fully closed boarding school. The school covers an area of 420,000 square meters, a building area of 60,000 square meters, and a green area of 380,000 square meters. At present, the school has more than 310 faculty members, more than 80 teaching classes, and nearly 2,800 teachers and students.

Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai has been equipped with foreign teachers whose first language is English to provide professional and comprehensive English courses for international classes. At the same time, it strengthens students’ oral training for ordinary classes and provides students with a language learning environment. Foreign teachers have years of teaching experience and rich subject knowledge.

Foreign Teacher Job Description
1. Foreign teachers for major courses of science, mainly teaching math, science and economy. To teach with the books given by our school, to implement teaching schedule, to assign and correct homework, to guarantee teaching quality.
2. To do relevant works on cultural communication of the international class, to organize English cultural activities.
3. To teach 3 international classes, including senior one, two and three.
4. Less than 25 class per week (including 3 night class)

Job Requirements
1. Must be from Britain, America, Australia or New Zealand, bachelor’s degree or higher, more than two years’ teaching experience in science majors. Giving priority to graduates of science majors and the ones with teaching certificate.
2. Love English teaching, have great responsibility, understand students’ mentality and be good at arousing the enthusiasm of the students.
3. teaching with clear order, clear targets and clear highlights. Having active classes in great order.
4. 26-50 years old, speak English as first language
5. at least 60 class hours of TESOL
6. Being able to organize big events at Peking University Experimental School Zhuhai: like the Halloween, Christmas and English summer camp, etc.

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