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Introduction to Malvern College Qingdao

Malvern College Qingdao (青岛墨尔文中学, website) was established in 2012 and is currently one of the largest and most reputable private schools in Shandong Province.

The school aims to be “a bridge to an international prestigious university and a cradle of holistic leaders”, with students as the center, and the pursuit of the organic integration of Chinese and Western education to create more extensive opportunities for students to enter world-renowned first-class universities. The school will focus on students’ career planning, ensure the collaborative development of students’ academic and interest, and help them find the special mission hidden in the body and the thing destined to do.

We aim to create a large community to ensure the coordinated growth of students, Chinese and foreign teachers, parents, and schools, and build the school into a pioneering masterpiece in the field of private education in Shandong and even China.

The school has provided students with comprehensive one-on-one guidance for further studies since they enrolled, helping students apply for their favorite overseas schools.

As of 2020, the six graduates have maintained 96% acceptance rate of the world’s TOP100 schools and 100% overseas enrollment rate. More than 500 graduates have received more than 3000 offers from world-renowned schools and applied to the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries and regions. The ratio of enrollment in prestigious schools is 2:2:1.

Qingdao Malvern Middle School currently has more than 100 Chinese and foreign teachers. Over 70% of them are overseas teachers. Most of them are from the United Kingdom and the United States. The foreign teacher-student ratio is as high as 1:6. The Chinese teachers are mainly returned scholars, and most of them have obtained masters and doctoral degrees. With a certificate issued by PGCE, a stable and strong team of Chinese and foreign teachers is the strongest guarantee for the school’s excellent teaching quality and obvious advantages in entering a higher education. In Malvern, Chinese and foreign teachers work together. They are brave to accept challenges and brainstorm for children. Provide opportunities for in-depth exploration of each subject and field to help students discover their strengths.

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