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Introduction to Guangwai Foreign Language School

Guangwai Education Group or Guangwai Foreign Language School Group (广外教育集团, website) , the administrative department of Guangwai K15 education, which was established in October 2010, is affiliated to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (Guangwai). As of March 2019, including Guangwai Foreign Language School, we have owned more than 10 K12 education schools and 3 kindergartens, and have several schools in preparation. Taking the education concept of “we deliver the very best, sticking to relying on the university, integrating resources, standardizing management, building brands and providing values, the Group has been practicing the university’s social responsibility of providing top-quality education service and has been always actively exploring a path to high-quality, internationalized K15 education. Below is the list of our schools:

1. Guangwai Affiliated Primary and Secondary School
2. Guangwai Foreign Language School
3. Guangwai Zhaoqing Foreign Language School
4. Guangwai Foshan Foreign Language School
5. Guangwai Heyuan Foreign Language School
6. Guangwai Daya Bay Foreign Language School
7. Guangwai Conghua Experimental Primary School
8. Guangwai Panyu Foreign Language School
9. Guangwai Zengcheng Experimental School
10. Guangwai Jiangmen Foreign Language School
11. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Experimental Middle School
12. Guangwai Qingyuan Foreign Language School
13. Guangwai Meizhou Experimental School
14. Kindergarten of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
15. Guangwai Foshan Junyu Kindergarten
16. Guangwai Jiangmen Kindergarten

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