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Introduction to Clifford School

Clifford School Guangzhou (祈福英语实验学校, website) was founded by Clifford Group in 1996. It is a full-time school with middle school, elementary school and kindergarten.

The school is located in the center of Qifu New Village, Panyu, Guangzhou, covering an area of 120,000 square meters. The campus is clean and spacious, beautiful and elegant. The venues are complete and fully equipped, and all meet or exceed the standards set by the provincial first-level schools (parks). The school’s rigorous academic studies, good school spirit, distinctive bilingual teaching characteristics and multicultural education are well received by the society and parents, attracting nearly 4000 students from more than 40 countries and regions around the world to study in the school, showing The vigorous vitality of bilingual teaching and the strong appeal of international schools.

The school has hired 150 highly educated and high-quality foreign teachers from the United States, Canada and other countries; it has hired high-level and high-quality Chinese teaching staff from China, and they are used by Chinese teachers and foreign teachers in almost all subjects and courses. English is taught in two languages, bilingual teaching is implemented, and the international small class system and English (Chinese) language training center for intensive training are adopted. The school also cooperates with the Department of Education of Manitoba Province of Canada in running schools, aiming to cultivate high-quality compound talents who can participate in international cooperation and international competition, and send outstanding students to universities at home and abroad, so that they will become outstanding talents in the future.

The school has established a “school development-oriented” modern and international management system/model, governance structure and internal system, and established a community-family-school interaction mechanism to provide teaching, life, finance, safety, and medical care for teachers and students in the school There are professional departments for food, nutrition and diet, etc., and they are responsible for compliance. It is famous for its good school spirit and harmonious campus.

The school has been in operation for 20 years and has achieved “good results and remarkable results. In 2001, it was evaluated by the most authoritative international education qualification evaluation agency in the world — the “International and National Education Qualification Evaluation Committee” (CITA). It was the first to become the only international private school in Guangdong Province, and passed the re-evaluation in May 2006. The school has passed the district, city, and provincial level kindergartens and school reviews; it was awarded in the 2003 Guangdong Top Ten Private Schools Selection Activity Top Ten”; was rated as “Advanced Private School in Guangdong Province” by Guangdong Provincial Department of Education; was rated as “Province Advanced Non-governmental Organization” by Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs; Innovation and Development Contribution Award”.

The school has always been in a leading position in private education. It is highly praised by people from all walks of life and education experts at home and abroad, and has a wide reputation both at home and abroad. They praised that Clifford School is comparable to the best schools in many countries in the world today! “,” Clifford School is the best school for English teaching in Asia! “,” The students of Blessing English Experimental School are the best English students from Asia! “and many more.


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