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2018. Oct. 30th

On Oct 27th, the Office of International Cooperation (OIC) and English Practice Center (EPC) co-organized a one-day trip around Hefei city called “Explore the City”, which is a journey for foreign language teachers to explore and taste the charm of Chinese history and culture through Anhui province. More than ten foreign language teachers took part in this activity with Chinese student volunteers.

All the participants took photo together in front of the library of USTC
(Photo Credit: the Office of International Cooperation, USTC)

The first stop is Anhui Museum of Historical Notables. As an important window for tourists to understand Anhui province, the museum displays the outstanding figures in Anhui history from prehistoric to modern times. Under the explanation of English commentators and student volunteers, the image of LAO Zi, ZHUANG Zi and other ancient celebrities have become vivid and lively and aroused the interest of foreign teachers. Moreover, movable-type printing, abacus and other ancient devices which show the wisdom of ancient China also give a deeper impression on the foreign teachers. They became to enjoy the long history Chinese culture and the outstanding contribution of Anhui to the historical development of China.

Activity Photos in the Anhui Museum of Historical Notables

Activity Photos in Changlinhe Ancient Town

Activity Photos in Anhui Museum

(Photo Credit: the Office of International Cooperation, USTC)

The second stop is Changlinhe Ancient Town. Foreign teachers visited the ancient town alleys with Anhui characteristics, tasted the local cuisine and hand-made sugar, and took photos with local villagers. All the distinctive things in this ancient town made foreign teachers feel refreshed and interested, their arrival also brought a different kind of scenery to the town.

The last stop is Anhui Museum. In the exhibition hall of Anhui Civilization History, through the exquisite explanations of the English commentators, all foreign teachers were impressed by the history of civilization in Anhui from many aspects, especially highly praised the Hui Zhou architecture.

The whole day city trip was ended in the evening. Accompanied by a mild sunset, all the participants returned back with full of harvest and happiness. The best way to integrate into the city is to understand its history and culture, foreign teachers expressed their thanks for organizing this wonderful trip and looking forward to the next departure and exploration.

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