Ulster College Open Day Held at SUST

2019. June . 26th

The first open day of Ulster College of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology was held on June 26, 2019 at SUST.


Prof. Ian Montgomery, Vice President of Ulster University, Professor Liam Maguire, Minister of Computer and Engineering, XUE Chaohua, Head of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Head of Cooperative Education and Miss Julie, an academic English teacher from AEMG, attended the Open Day event from Shaanxi, Hebei and Henan provinces. More than 100 provincial candidates and parents attended the event. The Open Day event was hosted by Miss LIU Yufan, Assistant Director of the International Office.

XUE Chaohua introduced the concept and the characteristics of running the college, and the enrollment policy of 2019 to the candidates and parents. He said that both Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and Ulster University of the United Kingdom have high expectations for the first year of recruitment. The team will work hard to do a great job in Ulster College, with high starting point, high standards and high quality requirements.

Prof. Ian Montgomery introduced the quality, professional settings, international reputation and geographical environment of Ulster University to candidates and parents. Professor Liam Maguire highlighted the advantages of the University of Ulster’s specialty and cooperative education.

Subsequently, the professors from mechanical design and manufacturing, computer science and technology, and industrial design of SUST introduced the advantages of three major schools, core courses and employment directions.

Academic English teacher Julie brings a lively on-the-spot teaching that allows candidates and parents to feel the difference between Chinese and Western classroom teaching modes. The fun-filled teacher-student interaction pushes the atmosphere of the presentation to a climax.

At the Open Day event, Ulster College also prepared exquisite cold meals for candidates and parents and arranged a Q&A session.
This open-day event not only played a very important role in promoting Ulster College, but also enabled the College to understand the doubts and concerns of candidates and parents during the application, and further clarified the future enrollment and student education.


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