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The 2018 International Cultural Festival of SUFE

2018. May 5th

On the afternoon of May 4, the opening ceremony of the Seventeenth International Cultural Festival and the International Food Festival were held at Green Leaf Pedestrian Street on Guoding Road Campus.  


This year’s cultural festival is based on the concept of “combining colorful college culture and building a harmonious international campus” with the theme of “opening and integrating: a new era and walking together” and is divided into the “See China” theme visual competition, international food carnival, Thai cultural experience activities, RUNNING SUFE, Sunshine House World Cultural Show, Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges knowledge contest and cultural gala there seven activities. Leaders of SUFE Cong Shuhai, Chen Hong, Fang Hua, Chen Xinyuan, Yao Lingzhen and leaders from the relevant departments and schools attended the opening ceremony and posed for pictures with students from various countries.

After the dance Youth Beat presented by the foreign student’s dance troupe, the International Students Union President Triana Liu Wang (Spain) addressed the students and welcomed and all the guests and gave an overall introduction of this year’s International Cultural Festival.

Accompanied by a warm song presented by Huang Ruixin (Laos), international students dressed in their own traditional costumes came to the stage.Vice President Yao Lingzhen addressed and announced the opening of the 17th International Cultural Festival. Chinese and foreign student representatives jointly called for salutes for the International Cultural Festival.

At the following food carnival, exquisite food from 34 booths formed the “world at the tip of the tongue” on the campus at this special moment of both late spring and early summer. Whether it is China’s Oil Block or Vietnam Spring Roll; whether it’s Malaysian coconut rice or Singapore’s pork dumplings; whether it’s Brazilian cheese ball or Cuba’s “Muros”; whether it is Turkish barbecue or Kazakhstan’s hand Meat; Whether it is a Dutch waffle or French macarons, all the teachers and students are impressed. In this food fiesta, the booths also prepared traditional games to interact with all the participants on the spot.

Meanwhile, the second year of Tallinn Day was successfully held with the theme of the event is Tallinn’s ecological environment. Through information display, on-site introduction, Q&A and other sessions, the Fresh resort Estonia is presented to all the teachers and students.

Kevin Topen (Indonesia) stated that this is the second year he’s been studying at SUFE. Since attending the International Cultural Festival Food Carnival last year, he has been looking forward to this year’s food carnival. Because in such an event, you can taste the world’s food in a half-day time, and through the food you can contact with the people and understand the culture of various countries.

Chae Eun Kim (South Korea) said that she was very happy to participate in this activity as a volunteer during the first year of her study in China. Her main job today is to help the exhibitor of Peru prepare all the food and stuff.

“This year, we prepared Russian salad and Brin. Russian salad is a traditional salad in Russian cuisine.” Boris Nescheret (Russia) said, Every time is an unforgettable experience. From the day of preparation to the end, I was full of excitement and energy.

Raul Roman (Mexico) enthusiastically introduced the specialties Nachos and Quesadillas to the visitors. Because Mexico is rich in corn, food is mostly made from corn; in addition, it is worth mentioning that in most Mexican foods, the colors of green, red and white can be noticed, which is the color of the national flag. Talking about the feeling of preparing for the International Festival of Culture, Raul Roman said, “It is really nice to have the opportunity to show Mexican food and culture, which is very helpful for everyone to know about Mexico.”

Juwen Granetta (Indonesia) and her friends brought the Indonesian national dish Gado-gado, including crispy vegetables, eggs, chilli sauce, fresh clams, fried tofu and shredded shrimp. She said, “Our booth is packed with Indonesian specialties as well as feature decorations and traditional costumes for everyone to enjoy.

Gu Mingyi (China) from School of International Education said, “among the numerous activities of the school, her favorite is the International Food Festival, which is a big platform for students of different countries to show their own food and culture.”

This year’s International Culture Festival is jointly held by International Cultural Exchange School and the SUFE Youth League Committee, carried out by International Student Union, International Student Clubs Union and the Student Union, and associated with the Student Union of School of Law. In the coming week, the activities of the International Culture Festival will continue. On the evening of May 10, the closing ceremony and culture show will be presented at the Arts Center.

(Credit: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)


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