SUST International Office Meeting Up with Foreign Teachers

2018. May 21st

On the afternoon of April 18, 2018, the 2018 Spring Semester Foreign Teacher Work Conference of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office was successfully held. Participants include Xue Chaohua, director of the International Office, Wang Xiaoqin, vice president of the College of Arts and Sciences, Wang Kun, foreign affairs liaison officer of the College of Arts and Sciences, Wang Kun, foreign affairs liaison of the School of Economics and Management, foreign teachers Altyn, Ronald, Kimberly, Pablo, James, Lacey. The meeting was hosted by Ren Jinrui, Chief of the International Cooperation and Exchange Section.


First of all, Xue Chaohua, deputy director of the International Department, gave a welcome speech. On behalf of the school, he welcomed the foreign teachers to teach at SUST. He pointed out that 2018 is the 60th anniversary of the school building, and it is also a very important year in the development of our school. Looking back on the history of the school, he introduced the development and reform road of the “three creations and two moves” of the school to the foreign teachers who were sitting, and introduced the development scale and teaching resources of our school. He also introduced to foreign teachers the advanced science and technology development, research results and the history and culture of Xi’an.


Later, foreign teachers introduced themselves. Ronald and his wife Kimberly from Florida have been teaching at our school for two years. They are pleased to say that the campus environment has become more beautiful in the past two years, and the city and Xi’an are also more loved. New foreign teachers James (UK) and Lacey (USA) say that the city of Xi’an is very different from their hometown, which is more lively and prosperous. They like the city very much, and they are very grateful to the help from the school.

Next, Ren Jinrui, the head of the International Cooperation and Exchange Section, gave a visual introduction to the school’s building facilities, beautiful environment, teaching and research facilities, and student style through screening school promotional videos. Wang Kun, a foreign affairs liaison officer of the College of Arts and Sciences, introduced the school management regulations, teaching plan, sick leave and separation procedures, and the school and surrounding living facilities. At the same time, he also communicated the teaching requirements of the school to foreign teachers, and introduced the educational philosophy of “care for students and people-oriented”. At the meeting, foreign teachers also gave speeches and questions about some teaching tasks and school requirements. The International Office also equips each foreign teacher with a student assistant to provide daily translation and other services.


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