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Nobel Laureate Roger Kornberg Came to NCU for Academic Exchange

2018. Sept. 30th

On the noon of September 13, Nobel Laureate Roger Kornberg, Professor of Stanford University, and Professor Charles Brenner, Biochemistry Chief Scientist of University of Iowa, came to Nanchang University for academic report on invitation. The report was presided over by Vice President Li Baoming.


Prof. Roger Kornberg gave a report titled Discovery of NAD synthesis. He reviewed his journey from undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoctor study to winning Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and introduced his study on molecular regulation mechanism of gene transcription in eukaryotic cells.

Prof. Charles Brenner’s report entitled NR, From Scientific Discovery to Human Commercialization. In his report, Dr. Charles Brenner introduced important role of NAD, a key molecule in metabolic regulation, and the impact of NR as the precursor molecule of NAD vitamin B3.

In the interactive part, two professors gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the teachers and students. With a warm atmosphere, and the academic report ended successfully in teachers and students’ applause.

(Credit: Nanchang University)


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