Nanjing Normal University Welcomes New Friends From Around The Globe

Updated 2020-09-19

New student convocation has always been an exciting experience for anyone who will start their fresh journey in NNU. This time, however, is a bit different, as the Covid-19 remains a threat to the city of Nanjing and NNU campus, and the registration process of students who come from other countries and regions has been especially difficult. But they have all managed to overcome the problems and stepped onto Xianlin campus and Suiyuan campus, both of which express warm welcomes. This year, we are seeing new friends who are heading for each school of NNU, receiving their undergraduate, master’s or doctor’s period of education in the following years, and working hard for their bright future.


According to Ekaterina Dib, a graduate student who comes from Bulgaria and will study Modern Chinese literature in School of Chinese Language and Literature, NNU as well as the city of Nanjing is fascinating. She came here few years ago and had a great time in Nanjing, a wonderful city full of kind and helpful people, and a perfect place to live in and work/study. She will be spending two years on Suiyan Campus, which, in her opinion, isn’t too big and is a very beautiful place for visiting. “The administration here is very helpful, and that makes me feel like home.” When asked about her plan for study in NNU, she said that she has always been fascinated by Chinese thinking and interesting culture background stories, and that she’s eager to get more understanding in the Modern Chinese literature. “I have already translated some short stories from amazing Chinese authors like Can Xue in my language!” she told, wearing a big smile and showing great enthusiasm in her words.


Chenhua Guo, a student from Taiwan, who will be a new undergraduate and will be majoring in Radio and television programming in School of Journalism and Communication, is definitely thrilled to his future life in NNU. “NNU is definitely my first choice!” he said, “Nanjing is a city full of cultural characteristics. I can see the traces of both the long history and the fast development. More importantly, School of Journalism and Communication is renowned for the high quality of its courses and the breadth for students to choose the majors that they are interested in.” Long before the registration, he had got in touch with lots of alumni and senior students through Internet, and they offered him lots of help. When asked to imagine his future life in NNU, he answered with great determination, “I will make full use of the plenty of courses offered by my school, and I believe that through my hard work, I will surely make worthy of my four years in NNU!”


Shuyi Ma is a doctoral candidate from France who will be majoring Higher Education in the School of Teacher Education. From the very beginning, when the epidemic broke out, he was hesitating whether he should choose Higher Education or not. Luckily, his teachers (Meixia Zhang, Yun Peng and Daping Wang) supported him by offering warm encouragement and suggestions. Also, recently, he has encountered with the problem of the expiration of his residence permit. The teachers who administer international students are very patient to answer his questions and help him solve problems. He said that he was particularly grateful to them. He found studying in Suiyuan Campus very comfortable and felt at ease. “Suiyuan campus is quite picturesque. The teachers there are very passionate and the students I know are also willing to help.” He hoped that he could acquire more knowledge as well as attain a high level in his major. “I wish I’d find a job in China, continue to understand China, get along well with Chinese people and learn from Chinese people!”


Rumyana, a student from Bulgaria, will be learning Advertising during the next four years in NNU. When asked about the reasons for learning in NNU, she explained: “I choose Nanjing Normal University because it was one of the few schools that had explained their majors really well in the website. When I was doing my research about which university to choose, NNU just stood out to a lot of other schools.” As a foreign student studying in China, she said that she had to work a lot in order to understand Chinese well and finish her assignments with high quality. “I hope I will have good performance in school and I will leave good impression for teachers and students,” added she, “My goal is to improve my Chinese as much as I can and to do well in my major.”

Nanjing Normal University, home to every student and a place that stimulates everyone to open his mind and chase his dream, is injected with a dose of youthful dynamism.

(Source: Nanjing Normal University)


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