Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert Held In HNU

2018. Sept 29th

The Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert, hosted by the Youth League Committee and the Student Union, was held at the West Campus Field.


The moon conveys blessings and the music touches to the youth. On the evening of September 24th, the Mid-Autumn Grassland Concert hosted by the Youth League Committee and the Student Union, was held at the West Campus Field. Nearly 10,000 teachers and students sat on the ground and shared this audio and visual feast.

The concert opened with the “Functional Charisma Show”. The popular music “I flew in the wind”, “Millennium”, “Red High Heels” and other 16 songs took turns, the singers were full of passion. Among them, Lei Feng’s “Ordinary Road” and “Song of the Road” ignited the enthusiasm of the audience with the fiery and passionate. The scene became a sea of blue light. “Looking at the moon and climbing up” “Pear Blossoms and Open” is so far-reaching that the audience is immersed in the environment, feeling the freshness, simplicity and beauty of nature; the “Rainbow” “Si Si So Te” brought by the school student choir “School Songs of Henan Normal University”, beautiful melodies and beautiful sounds complement each other and complement each other. The audience seems to step into the elegant music hall, singing around the moon, starry, beautiful scenery, and happy. Zhao Mengyuan, 2018 of the College of Liberal Arts, said: “The first time I participated in a grass concert, it was great to enjoy the music and nature in this place. I felt the active and lively artistic atmosphere and strong humanistic care of the Normal University.”


Under the bright moon, the concert not only provided an open and mass outdoor music and audio-visual feast, but also sent warm greetings to the teachers and students who missed their hometown, so that the new students can feel the campus culture and integrate into the university life. 

The grassland concert started in 2017 and held 2-3 times a year. With the concept of “making cultural activities more grounded and making the extra-curriculum more active”, we will create a new model of campus culture experience in the school. The active exploration and vivid practice of the group education organization “Cultivating people with culture and educating people with literature” has become a brand project for the cultural education of our university.


明月传递祝福, 音乐流转青春, 9月24日晚, 由校团委, 校学生会主办的, “推开世界的门” 中秋草地音乐会 在西校区塑胶操场拉开帷幕 近万名师生席地而坐 共享视听盛宴

音乐会在 《缤纷社团魅力秀》 中火热开场, 现场彩色光束迷幻闪烁, 为夜色装扮一抹亮彩。流行音乐《我乘着风飞过来》《千禧》《红色高跟鞋》等16首歌曲轮番上阵,歌手们激情满满,尽展魅力。其中,雷锋乐队的《平凡之路》《公路之歌》,以火热激情的旋律,燃起观众热情,同学们手中的手机灯光和荧光棒随着歌手的佳音起舞,现场变成了光的海洋;《看月亮爬上来》《梨花又开放》悠扬深远,使观众身临其境,感受大自然的清新、单纯、简单和美好;校学生合唱团带来的《彩虹》《Si Si So Te》《河南师范大学校歌》,优美的旋律与动听的声音相互衬托、相得益彰,观众们仿佛步入高雅的音乐殿堂,笙歌绕月,繁星点点,良辰美景,心悦悠哉。文学院2018级赵梦媛说:“第一次参加草地音乐会,这种席地而坐享受音乐和自然融合的感觉非常棒,我感受到了师大积极活泼的艺术氛围和浓浓的人文关怀。”



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