Weekly Updates: Making Chinese Food at Changzhou University

Updated 2020-12-08 (View on Wechat)

Chinese Food Making Activity at School of Overseas Education of Changzhou University

On the afternoon of November 27th, the School of Overseas Education held a cultural exchange activity between students and foreign teachers on the third floor of the faculty canteen.

Wang Ning, deputy dean of the college, foreign teachers, academic secretaries, academic counselors and students participated in the activity. During the activity, Wang Ning introduced the Chinese food customs and special cuisines to foreign teachers, and introduced in detail the history and legends of Chinese eating dumplings during the New Year. In the dumpling making session, the students took the initiative to teach foreign teachers how to make dumplings, and they communicated with each other while making dumplings. Foreign teachers also shared their feelings about working and living in China.

The successful holding of this cultural exchange event not only allowed foreign teachers to experience Chinese food culture, but also shortened the distance between Chinese students and foreign teachers.


The 2020 “English Speaking of the World” Freshman English Speech Contest ended successfully at Wuhan Polytechnic University

Wu Yilin from the English major was praised by the judges and teachers for her outstanding performance and won the top spot. After the two rounds of the competition, Dean Chen Guoliang, Teacher Li Bingbing and foreign teacher Mr. Turner made English comments on the performance of the contestants.


English Proficiency Contest held at Sichuan International Studies University

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Sichuan International Studies University, the English Proficiency Contest was held from November 24th to 25th in the International Lecture Hall of Hongwen Building, East Campus.

This Contest was organized by the School of International Relations. Vice President Wang Renqiang, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office Wang Wei, Dean of the School of International Education Zeng Chuanfang, and Dean of the School of International Relations Liu Yumei attended the competition. The judges of the competition included three foreign teachers including Erez, Michael and George, and eight Chinese teachers from English departments.


English Club Night @Zhengzhou Shengda University.

Professor Wang Shufang, foreign teacher Mark, the 24th president of English Club Ye Sen, and the vice president Zhang Muyang participated in this meeting. The meeting was hosted by Li Yawen. During the activity, the staff played a welcome video so that the new members had a better understanding of the English Club.

Professor Wang extended a warm welcome to the new members. He combined his years of teaching experience to introduce several effective methods to the students. Foreign teacher Mark expressed that he was very happy after seeing the new members join the English Club family. He told the new members the importance of learning English and encouraged everyone to keep improving their English communication ability.

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