JUFE Foreign Teachers Teach Online Classes

Updated 2020-03-22

Affected by the epidemic of coronavirus pneumonia, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) has launched a new online teaching model on many platforms since February 17. More than 10 foreign teachers from 9 countries have encountered problems such as time difference and language barriers on the Chinese applications. Despite the difficulties, they work well to adapt to the new form of teaching.

Samantha from Jamaica, Christine from Canada, Suzuki from Japan, Carl from the United Kingdom, and Joseph from the United States are already on campus, which makes it relatively convenient to teach online with no time difference and with help right here on campus.

Christine said that teaching online gave her more opportunities to learn new things. Most online teaching platforms such as SuperStar and Tencent Conference are only available in Chinese, and she learned a lot of new Chinese characters by using the application day by day. Of course, another benefit for her of online teaching is that she can always have fresh made coffee on her table.

Joseph from the United States mentioned that “in the process of online teaching I can record the attendance, and allow students to actively participate in the discussion of the problem through typing, making the classroom atmosphere more active and relaxed, and achieved good results.” Compared with his previous teaching experience, he found that online teaching is very suitable for students who are shy in a real class. In his opinion, online teaching allows teachers to seek more active teaching methods, which is also a very good opportunity for teachers to improve their teaching ability.

Mr. Suzuki, who is good at Chinese, has not encountered too many problems in using the application. However, the system often crashes due to too many users, and the functional sections of the mobile phone and the computer are incompatible. Fortunately, such problems have been resolved in a timely manner, and he is proud that he can contribute to the virus containment with his Chinese co-teachers and students.

Source: JUFE News

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