Foreign Teacher Job Training Orientation at Tianhua College

2019. Sept . 10th

From September 4th to 5th, 2019, Zhang Yun and Liang Jie, deputy directors of the International Exchange Office, conducted on-the-job training for 11 English teachers.


At 9 o’clock on the morning of the 4th, Director Hu Zhen gave a brief introduction on the overall situation of the school and the management of related cooperation projects. Subsequently, Deputy Director Zhang Yun and Zhao Xuan discussed the procedures for foreign certificates, residence permits and related laws and regulations. Foreign teachers in our school have introduced themselves. At 9:00 on the 5th, Liang Jie explained the teaching requirements of the school, the teacher’s code of conduct. All foreign teachers toured the campus, and did all the preparatory work before the start of the school to ensure the smooth progress of the first week of teaching.

Foreign teacher Clay gave a speech on the theme “Teaching Styles Americans/Westerners aren’t Prepared for”. Clay graduated from West Virginia University with a major in linguistics and sociology. He has been teaching at our school for two years. She is familiar with the Chinese students and the Chinese classroom teaching style. By listening to his teaching experience and personal experience, new teachers have learned a lot about Chinese education and classrooms.

Since the beginning of this semester, the International Department has officially implemented the teaching and research regular meeting, aiming to strengthen communication and exchanges between the Chinese and foreign teachers for better curriculum integration and to further improve the quality of teaching. We hope to improve the English level of the students to better serve the Chinese and international cooperation.

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Introduction to Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College

Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College was established in April 2005 with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is a full-time private undergraduate college. Students who meet the requirements are awarded a bachelor’s degree according to the state regulation. The college is located in Jiading District, Shanghai, at the junction of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces next to Metro Line 11 in Shanghai. With the completion of the intercity high-speed railway, Tianhua college is very conveniently connected with the large cities in the Yangtze River Delta.

Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College

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